Sunday, February 20, 2011

28 Days of Love - Day 20

It is hard to believe there are only 8 days left!

"Little" gifts from Daniel.

Daniel pays attention to the little, very minor things that I mention wanting, and then sometime later gives me a gift of "that thing"!

I think the first one was a 1-cup Pyrex measuring cup that he gave me a few months after we were married. We had a 2-cup and an 8-cup. No big deal except I grew up with a 1-cup and kept forgetting that what I had NOW was a 2-cup!! Lots of batches of pancakes, muffins and other recipes calling for "1 cup" ended up as double batches out of mistake! He was working at a house that was preparing for a yard-sale and noticed the 1-cup measuring cup that was going to be for sale. He bought it, just for me.

I think the same yard-sale is where he bought the old-style, 25lb. kitchen scales that he gave me. I think I had thought of buying a kitchen scale but was terribly disappointed to find only itty-bitty, few pound ones in today's market. What if I wanted to weigh a dishpan of produce, or a turkey, or something bigger than 5lbs??

This past Christmas I had "a little cooking pot" on my Christmas List. The one I had - which he had given me - was wearing out. I wanted something nice and small to cook a few eggs in, make a little bit of gravy in, or whatever. He found and gave me the cute little blue pot I have pictured! It is the perfect size for hardboiling 2 eggs and that is what I use it most for. Since it is so small, it comes to a boil pretty quickly and doesn't take much heat to keep it boiling for the 10 minutes.

Daniel makes me feel
VERY loved, and not just by showering me with gifts.

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Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said... [Reply to comment]

That is a super-cute little pot. Good job, Daniel!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

So the cute little pot that we gave you isn't as special? I am offended!!!!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

@Anonymous Sorry, Jul, you're not my husband so no, the little pot from you isn't as special. But I do use it a LOT!! (Does that make you feel better?)