Monday, June 17, 2013

What We've Been Doing

Life has been full and fun this spring and for the most part we have enjoyed it. :)

I made Popsicles and Susannah had her very first Popsicle one hot afternoon after her nap. :) 

Susannah gets lots of fun out of the swing she and Sylvia got for Christmas. She climbs all over the swing-set and one day will learn how to pump herself in the swings. :)

Sylvia's hair is long enough for tiny pigtails and she has figured out how to unlatch the back door. 

Shoe swapping on a Saturday morning.

Cousins came to visit!!  Susannah and Marie had a great time pretend cooking with dried beans.

Sylvia and Rachel enjoyed each others company.

It was rainy while the cousins were visiting but that didn't deter me from letting the 2 older girls go romp outside and burn some energy. Bathing suits, umbrellas and mud puddles provided fun for big chunks of time. When they were finished, I would strip them down and rinse them off in the kitchen sink. Much faster than a shower or bath, and efficient since they were likely to go get just as dirty later in the day. :)

Sylvia is very pleased that she can crawl up on this chair all by herself... when the cushion is off of it. 

Last week our pullets started laying eggs! We are finally getting enough eggs to meet all our egg needs! On the left is one of the first pullet eggs, on the right is one from an older hen.

This morning I found 2 of the older hens dead in the chicken pen. I know it was a raccoon that did it from the way the chickens were left. *sigh* It was disheartening and saddening even though the chickens are not my pets. I was mostly aggravated that a coon had figured out how to get in and that he left me with a mess to clean up, not to mention killing my chickens just to leave them lying there!

Well, I guess that's not the happiest note to end this post on, but that is the headline news story for this day. :)  I hope to be back around before too long next time.