Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Week The Sink Broke

I really wanted to title this post "Holy Week" or "Holy Sink, man!" but decided to go with something a little more... appropriate. Oh wow, was this past week everything on the rollercoaster and then some! I know that my life is never dull, but God in his goodness allows events that keep me reminded that I don't have it all together and I can't do it all on my own strength and will-power. 

Case in point, this past Monday evening. Daniel had a work related conference out of town (out of state, actually) and needed to leave Monday evening. I'm a big girl, I single-parent a lot of all-dayers often, this shouldn't seem a big deal. But knowing he was leaving and wouldn't be home even at the tail end of the day had me a wee bit on edge even though I tried to keep it all supressed and ignored. 

The day was going fairly decent if I remember correctly. It had taken a bit of the morning and early afternoon to get the girls over their weekend slump and back into "it is time to do school, you need to do it well, staying focused, and not goofing off, withOUT me standing here reminding you every pencil stroke."

I was in the kitchen making dinner and heard 2 of the girls goofing off. Not a huge deal, though the toothpaste being smeared recreationally earlier on the day should have clued me in to their antic-abilities that day.  Except I was half distracted by dinner, wondering when Daniel would be home from work and secretly wishing either I could whisk away with him (to the Gaylord Conference Center & Resort, no less!!), or that he really wasn't actually leaving. Since neither of those was actually happening, I was just acting as though everything was fine and dandy and... what pregnancy hormones have me all over the place? 😛

Then I heard timidly-frantic voices talking about the sink. Things like "we didn't mean to!", "a crack started and then a hole!", and "it's broken!!" Immediately my mama-brain kicked into red-alert mode and my antennas went way up as I wondered "what on earth???"

By this time, which was actually just seconds, one of the vandals had run into the kitchen talking a frantic mile a minute. I decided whatever it was, I wasn't going to act on my first inclination which was to BLOW UP. "Whatever has happened has happened and no amount of voiced frustration, anger, or disappointment in this moment will do any good," I told myself as I walked toward the bathroom, still not quite believing that the sink could possibly be broken (hooowww???).

But, what to my wondeeing eyes should appear... but a sink. With a hole shattered in it. For real. With my husband, the solid rock emotions guy, not home from work yet and leaving for 24-ish hours soon after he would get home. *breathe in, breathe out, repeat*

I very, very briefly quizzed the 2 offenders on how the sink got the hole in it, which I couldn't quite understand even after they both said the same thing. What they said sounded like the dumbest idea ever. But, dumb thibgs happen so I just said we were going to close the bathroom door and leave it for now. I locked the door so no one would "mistakenly" happen to go in there to assess the damage and... who knows what else. 

I freaked out a message to Daniel, who was by that time on his way home. He suggested duct tape, I decided it was in everyone's best interest for me to stay focused on dinner and keeping the hyenas from further home reno-demo since we aren't in the demo stage of any renovation projects right now!!

Daniel got home, put duct tape over the hole in the sink for a temporary "fix", we ate dinner, he packed his bag and left, and I shuttled all the sweet children into their beds. And then I wished for a really tall glass of wine!! Actually, I think I crawled in bed and read a blog or something. The sink still has it's duct-tape band-aid, I've since learned more of how it got broken (which was still foolish but makes more sense), and Daniel and I joked about tearing the whole bathroom down to start the next stage of our house addition/renovation project. 

This guy right here? When he wakes up before I am ready for the day, I bring him into the bathroom with me and he plays with my bobby-pin holder. For a while. Until he decides to go crawling through our wet walk-in shower. 🙃

Our week ended on a much higher note than it began, thankfully!! Friends of ours were married and we attended the wedding. Being the ages they are, weddings are practically watching a live fairy-tale for the girls!! They were very excited to say the least.

Charity was the most excited about the dancing that was mentioned on the invitation. All three girls spent daaaaays talking about which friend they were each going to dance with, but Charity always came back around to saying she would dance with Daddy. 

When they invited any daughters and their dads to join the bride and her dad on the father-daughter dance, I gave Daniel a nudge. "You should ask Charity."
"Charity, would you like to go dance?" 

This was the start of their first "dance". My mama-heart just didn't know what to feel!!!

She loved the dancing and danced many times with Daniel. Neither Susannah or Sylvia wanted to dance, but Charity did. Later in the evening Daniel said he was having "flash-forwards"... I admit I kinda was too. She will be grown up and the bride dancing the father-daughter dance all too soon!!

And that wraps up our week. From sinks to weddings. Two exciting events on two very opposite ends of the emotional scale!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Various Sunday Sundries

I am writing a blog post for the first time in a long time! I have been wanting to blog again and have posts whiz through my brain usually once or twice a day, but finding/making/takong the time to actually write just never gets above the must do's of the day. I finally decided to just do it. Whenever, whatever, and however long or short, it doesn't matter.

Susannah making her lunch.
 Life has been a roller-coaster of normalcy and "we will survive!" this past week and a half.  We were getting into a good rhythm for our every day with chores, school, and all the other things that go with daily homeschool/homemaking. Then... a stomach virus invaded and everything went haywire.

Sylvia made lunch for herself and Charity one day when I was busy ... with something, I don't remember!

 Thankfully it stayed contained to the younger two. The rest of us were drinking our grapejuice with activated charcoal faithfully, and we escaped!! But 3-ish days of trying to keep school going for the well crowd, the mountains of sick laundry PLUS regular laundry, the sick crowd needing extea TLC, and well... the house quickly returned to upheaval-ed state.

Charity has officially joined the daily chore crowd, rotating which room is her room to clean* and vacuum.
*"clean" has different definitions based on each person's abilities. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we were all home all. day. long. Guess how much it *felt* like had been accomplished when I crawled in bed that night? Not a lot, really. But the reality is that Sylvia and I made our bread for the week (2 batches, 6 loaves), and even though we use the Kitchen Aid mixer it still takes a big chunk of time.

The girls *did* pick up and vacuum floors and even cleaned the main bathroom. (again, "clean" has many definitions but it WAS cleanER than before!)

Silas, 13 months, has earned a nick-name of Mr. Long-fingers. If he can manage to reach it, he will pull it down from wherever it is and dig into it. Like... someone's Christmas candy they didn't put up high enough!

I am looking forward to a new school week starting tomorrow, with everyone healthy and well, and on top of our game!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Almost 2 Susannah

I'm not sure what my intentions were with this post, but it has been sitting in my drafts folder for over 5 years. 2 cute pictures from when my days were mostly just me and Susannah. This was about 2 months before Sylvia was born. 

In the first picture Susannah is playing with some fun "bumpy blocks" that were a Chrslistmas gift.

In the second picture I am pretty sure she was telling me something about whatever she was holding in her hands. Even though she didn't use words mich yet at that age, she still enjoyed communicating. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tiny Talk Tuesday ~ No Noodles! ~ From May 2013

One day this past week we were eating leftovers for lunch which included some pasta.  Susannah was telling me about all the different plants we have in our garden.

"Peas, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower... MOM! Noodles! We don't have any growing noodles!!"

I tried to explain to her then that noodles don't grow on a plant, but instead they are made out of flour, eggs and water.


At the supper table, Susannah reached over and pushed the short sleeve of Daniel's work shirt up. Then she wrapped both arms around his upper arm, gave his arm a big hug with the side of her face smooshed up against him and said "I LOVE your big muscle!!"

Daniel grins, flexes and a big S for Super-Daddy glows on his chest when she admires his strong biceps. :-) I hafta say... I kinda like them myself. ;-)


After lunch today I had planned that we would run to a local produce farm to get another flat of jam berries. It was time to begin getting ready to go so I instructed Susannah to go to the bathroom by herself (which she can do). I turned the light on for her and went about my own preparations which included going outside. While outside, I hear "Moooom!! Mooooom!!!" coming from the open living room window. She had finished and walked out to the living room looking for me.

I went inside and she asked me to help pull up her pants as she was finished going potty. I noticed that her undies and capris were wet. I asked if she forgot to close her knees while she was on the potty and that's how her pants got wet. She said that wasn't the case. Then I asked her how her pants got wet and she said "I peed like a boy!" ... meaning, instead of sitting on the toilet like girls have to, she stood as she has seen some of her boy cousins do. Like Daniel said, "well, now she knows!" that it doesn't work that way for girls.