Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Time to Get Fit!

Something I've been pondering for a while (a few years, actually) has been my need to get more serious about getting physically fit. I don't consider myself insanely huge, but the mirror sure does a good job of letting me know that "the sands of shore shifted", to borrow Ma Kettle's words.

You can read about my first step towards getting fit over on my other blog, Naturally Oily Mama. Yes, Young Living is playing a part in all of this. :) 

Stay tuned, because I plan to be back and share the exciting changes I anticipate are ahead. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What If I Die?? {My Experience Through Electro-Cardioversion}

If you know me in real life and we are Facebook friends, you know that this past December held some pretty major events in my life. Physically. The kind that shook me to the very core of my being, that took me WEEKS to recover from emotionally and can still make my insides quake if I think about it too much even now, 2 months later. That caused me to come face-to-face with the thought that I was possibly going to die. For real. Not the "oh we all die sometime" idea but "I'm 30 years old and this might kill me and I will leave behind my husband and our 3 little girls."

Almost 2 years ago I had my first experience with atrial-fibrillation and SVT. It has stayed mostly dormant. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I have it nor what triggers my heart to go all crazy. By all that man can see, my heart is perfectly normal and healthy. Just sometimes it decides to go all crazy and run a marathon without the rest of me.

On December 13th I taught an Essential Oils Class in the evening, came home and was relaxing on the couch with Daniel. Just sitting there scrolling Facebook and talking with Daniel. Boom. My heart skipped a beat and started racing, taking my breath away for a second. By now I know the feeling and know how it goes and what I need to do. I told Daniel that it was happening and that we needed to make a plan and get on it. He brought me a drink of water and my stethoscope while I got on the phone calling his parents' cell phones until I finally woke his mom up. We made arrangements to take the girls to their house on our way to the hospital.

Daniel got the girls up while I gathered a handful of personal belongings. It is the hardest thing ever to keep a clear head and function normally when your heart is doing crazy things, but I think God gives special doses of strength in those moments. We dropped the girls off and headed to the Emergency Room. I walked in while Daniel parked the van (I always feel silly walking in when I need help now even though you can't see a visible problem). Another blessing is that if you're having heart trouble you get moved to the front of the waiting line and they take care of you pretty fast. :)

Daniel and I have been through this before and I knew it was going to be a loooong night of waiting. After I was settled in and hooked up and the waiting game began, I convinced Daniel to go home and sleep in bed rather than sitting miserably in the chair in my room all night.

That night my heart rate peaked at 230 bpm. That's the fastest it had ever been recorded and it felt wicked awful. I managed to convince them to skip Adenosine (a med they have tried before and has never worked) and go straight to Corvert. Of course there are all kinds of hoops and hurdles and tests they run first, and eventually they started dripping in the Corvert. It did nothing. They waited 45 minutes and started a second dose. That dose did nothing. About 30 minutes after that ended I was wondering "ok... so... what next?" I also needed to use the bathroom and it was as convenient a time (or not!!) as any so I asked my nurse about it. She wasn't about to let me out of the bed so I had bedside bathroom service. (SOO un-natural!! I'm convinced a man designed bed-pans!!)  Not 5 minutes after I had emptied my bladder my heart rate just came right down to normal. The nurse and I just kind-of looked at each other and laughed that I should've taken care of my need sooner!

I had to stay for a few hours of observation and at 6:30 in the morning they let me go home with instructions to call my doctor first thing Monday morning.

Of course neither Daniel or I made it to our Saturday afternoon choir rehearsal for our Christmas concert the next day. I crashed in bed as soon as we got home and slept much of the morning and afternoon. My Mom came Saturday night to help out Sunday since I was still completely exhausted. I did not sing in the Christmas concert but sat and worshiped through the music and sang along in my heart. Later Daniel told me that I looked like death warmed over from exhaustion and lack of sleep. ...No wonder so many people were coming up to me asking if I was ok.

Mom had to go home Sunday night but planned to come spend Monday here as a helping hand since I knew I would still be getting over the exhaustion. Daniel left for work Monday morning as usual and I was relieved that I had "that episode" behind me and could get back to life as usual. Not to be, though...

Susannah and Sylvia had just woken up and I (getting over a cold) had a coughing fit. As soon as I stopped coughing I felt my heart racing again. Hoping against hope that it was just from the coughing, I had a sinking feeling that it was not just the coughing, but another episode of SVT.  I sank into the chair and called Daniel, asking him to come home right away. Then I sent my Mom a text and asked her to come prepared to stay a few days if she could. Then I started trying to get ahold of my mother-in-law. She didn't answer any of the phone numbers I had for her so I asked Daniel to try and get ahold of his dad. He did a lot of phone tag and was finally able to get in touch with them. While that was going on I was in touch with friends from church asking for prayer, and arranging for possible babysitting if we couldn't get in touch with my in-laws.  I also nursed Charity as I waiting, in some ways hoping that the combination of sitting and relaxing for that would somehow trick my body and heart into working correctly.  I managed to verbally direct Susannah and Sylvia to get dressed in case we needed to take them with us.

Daniel was able to get in touch with his mom and both she and Daniel arrived about the same time. Daniel and I again made the familiar trek to the Emergency Room, with me silently begging him to go faster, faster, faster, please. Get me there NOW!!!

I walked in and the receptionist was helping someone. I signed in at the kiosk and started feeling light-headed again and knew my heart rate was climbing. Instead of sitting and waiting my turn I walked up to the receptionists window to ask for help. Right as I started to speak I went light-headed and dizzy again. I told her what was going on and that I needed help NOW. She had me sit in a chair while she called someone to come get me.

They didn't even stop for a preliminary EKG but wheeled me right into a room. The nurse asked me to get into a gown and stepped out to get the EKG machine. I started to unbutton my shirt when everything went black and I had to slump onto the bed. After my head cleared I finished getting into a gown and the nurse hooked up the EKG. I think my heart rate was around 160 bpm.

After much preliminary stuff the AP came in started questioning me. I asked them to please not use Adenosine but that Corvert worked. Of course there were lots and lots of times to sit and wait while they called my doctor's office, discussed, waited for this and that and so on. My heart rate was all over the place. It would come down to the 120s and then it would jump up to 180s and 190s. Slowly it was climbing higher with each spike. I could tell it was going higher because the higher it goes the more black my world goes and the more limp I feel.

It was starting to hit upper 220s and touching 230s. I cannot describe how it feels. It does not physically hurt so much as you just feel... wrong. You can't really talk. You have no energy to move even a finger. Your head just rolls to the side, you see black, and you feel like you're passed out except you can still hear and you're still conscious.

It would go up and then it would come down some. It was see-sawing back and forth, and back and forth. The monitor was beeping a LOT by this time and flashing the orange a-fib message. Then the weight in my chest felt about 50 pounds heavier, my world went darker, and I heard the monitor beeps change to a higher tone and increased in volume. I couldn't even turn my head to see what it said. It seemed to last forever. The nurse walked in, immediately grabbed my wrist with one hand and her cell phone with the other. "We need to do something NOW," she said, "she's at 240 and has been for 40 seconds." It felt more like 400 seconds. Then to me, "Are you with me??" I answered with a nod.

The AP came in and my heart rate lowered some. As they were talking the thought started to cross my mind more earnestly:

What if I die?

Daniel was holding my hand but it did not really register with me. Life turned into slow motion.

This could kill me. I could die from this.

I didn't care. I didn't care if I died. Half of me wanted to just die. I felt so miserable. I didn't know how fast my heart could beat and stay alive. Or how long it could handle beating that fast and not stop working.

But I felt peace. I was sad at the idea of Daniel being without a wife that loved him more than anything else in the world, and the girls never seeing their mama alive again. Those thoughts broke my heart. But I knew peace. In my heart I had peace with the thought of dying.

I knew there was nothing I could do, or the doctors or nurses could do, to keep me from dying if it was God's plan. I did not want to leave Daniel a widower and the girls mother-less, but I knew that the instant my body would die my soul would be with God and oh, how wonderful that will be!!!

All I could think in those moments, torn between the ideas of life here on earth and Life with my Lord and Savior, was the phrase "My life is in Your hands. My life is in Your hands. My life is in Your hands."

I don't know how many minutes passed. Probably not many, really, but that line kept going through my head. "My life is in  Your hands. My life is in YOUR hands..."

The doctor told the nurse to get the shock cart.  He explained to me that they were going to give me something to sedate me and then try to shock my heart back to normal rhythm. I may have nodded, I don't remember. "My life is in Your hands. My life is in Your hands..." The nurse put a syringe of something into my IV line. "My life is in Your hands. My life is in Your hands..." She put the metal-outlined sticky pads on my chest.  "My life is in Your hands. My life is in Your hands. Here or there, my life is in Your hands..."

Suddenly my heart rate spiked again and I slumped to the side of the bed. The doctor told Daniel to let go of my hand and back away from the bed. In my mind I was begging the doctor to let me get through this spike before doing the shock. That I fully aware. That I wasn't sedated.  No. No. NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I wanted to scream. I wanted to sit up and scream STOP!!!! DON'T DO IT YET!!!! I'M NOT READY!!!!

I can barely type this, and there are no words to adequately describe the utter horror of what my body and mind experienced next.

My brain registered the loudest electrical POW I have ever heard. My body was slammed with such force that all of me but my legs and backside raised off the bed. All I saw was blinding, frying, white electrical light. I heard the crackling sound of electricity coursing through my body. I felt immense, indescribable pain as if someone had just thrust me through with a searing, white-hot rod. I heard myself screaming a scream I had never heard come from my body before.

And then it stopped and my body was back on the bed. The tears were coursing down my face as sobs wracked my body. My head was pounding, as was my heart. The shock had not worked. The nurse moved one of the pads to my back. "Again" the doctor said and my body and mind screamed again as the electricity poured through my flesh once more.

I cried. I cried and cried and cried. I cried from the horror of what I had just gone through. I cried because it did not work. I cried because Daniel witnessed his wife going through what no one should ever see. I cried because I hurt. My head hurt. My body hurt. My heart hurt. My tongue hurt where my jaw had slammed shut on it with such force that it was bruised for a week. I cried because I would have rather died and gone to Heaven. I cried because I didn't know what they were they could do next. I cried because I wanted Jesus and I wanted it to just be over.

I do not remember much about the next several minutes. Perhaps the sedation medication was finally doing it's job or perhaps my brain was simply incapable of processing anything. I remember another doctor walking into my room and talking with the AP and the nurse. I remember him instructing to "skip all that [preliminary tests and medications] and just run it straight in." I remember seeing the nurse coming over to put another dose of medication into my IV.

And then I felt relief.

Everything after that moment when the Corvert did it's job and converted my heart back to normal rhythm was regular hospital stuff. The second doctor talked with us (he was a cardiologist, but spoke highly of my doctor whom we learned is an electrophysiologist - another step above cardiologist). Eventually my doctor came in. He is such a gentle soul. I remember how kind and caring his eyes looked as he talked to me and told me that I would be admitted for observation. He mentioned that it was almost lunch-time and asked if I was hungry.

A little later, while still in the ER room,  the nurse came in and asked if we had ordered lunch. We said that we hadn't. She said "well, somebody did because a tray just arrived for you." My doctor had ordered a lunch tray sent to me in the ER. His gentle kindness continued in unspoken ways.

I went home the next day and am still on two medications. My heart has only raced once since then, just for a few seconds. My doctor wants me to stay on those medications for now. My body had visible, physical reminders of what happened. The metal edges of the shock pads had burned my skin and you could see the red outlines where the pads had been. They itched as they healed over the next several days.

I started writing this post in February but was not able to finish it at that time. I feel that now I am ready to finish it.

Around the end of December I spent a length of time pouring out my heart to Daniel. Crying, asking all the why questions, sharing my broken emotions, making sure he knew how much I love him and our girls, telling him what I want him to do if I die young... But I have never been able to grasp "why" God allowed me to go through this experience.

With the start of spring, the first thunderstorm her came about 7:30 one morning. Daniel was home and everyone was in bed. The girls came upstairs to snuggle with us as the lightening flashed and thunder cracked and rumbled. I was mentally focused on talking the girls through the storm, helping them not be worried.

Daniel left for work and I went about the morning feeling uneasy. The storm was long gone. It took me a long time to identify, but I finally realized I felt panicked. Freaked out even though there was nothing to be afraid of. It didn't take too long for me to realize that I felt panicked because of the lightening and thunder. I remembered the lightening flashes and the electrical crack of a few of the strikes, and immediately all the memories of the cardioversion came flooding back. The logical side of me knew there was nothing to actually fear. I was fine. It was a thunderstorm like all the thunderstorms I've been through and enjoyed for years and years. I cried some and the panicky feeling stayed with me well into the afternoon before it started easing up.

There have been a few other times that storms have been predicted for our area, and I have really struggled with anxiety, feeling panicked. My biggest, truest fear is how will my brain react if there is a close lightening strike? What will my mind think if I see the blinding flash and the electrical crack of lightening, so similar to what I experienced on the hospital bed?

One week ago today a storm was going around us. I never heard any thunder, never saw any lightening. I only saw the big, dark clouds. I had to get ready for church and that meant a shower. In the shower my guard was down and the tears ran as my heart knew fear. It is a real sense of fear. Knowing in my head that I could not wish it all away, nor could I hide in the shower all evening, I realized I needed to change my thoughts. I cannot avoid thunderstorms. I cannot avoid lightening and thunder. I can pray and I can choose where I focus my thoughts. I chose to redirect my thoughts from the storm to the One who directs the storms and who holds me and keeps me.

I spent some time crying to God, letting Him know my fears, asking Him WHY I had to go through electric shock. And finally asking Him to help me through the thunderstorms, for peace in my heart. That I would not be anxious, or afraid. That He would replace the fear with His love, because Perfect Love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

After I had myself pulled back together and was finished getting ready for church, I was in the kitchen making a quick supper for the girls. The storm was now east of us, with the sun shining from the west. I was craving a rainbow. God puts rainbows in the clouds, and they remind me that God keeps His promises. Clinging to 1 John 4:18, I desperately needed a rainbow. I kept looking out the window for one. Finally I saw one. :)  I shouted and cheered and yelled for the girls to come outside with me to see the rainbow.

There, in the clouds, was God assuring me that He keeps His promises.

I don't know when we will have another thunderstorm. I don't know how I will feel the next time I see thunderstorms forecast in our area, or when one comes through, or goes around. I do know that I have been praying that I will have peace. Many people have been praying for me through this. I have gotten texts and facebook messages in the middle of the night, or in the morning, saying that they were praying for me - while I slept through a massive thunderstorm.

I don't fear death because Jesus conquered death and has given me salvation from death. I do struggle with fear at the thought of "what if" ...I have to go through another cardioversion like that? ...if I can't mentally handle a close, loud lightening strike? ...if I'm home alone with the girls and come unglued emotionally?

There was a lot of terror and I would say even trauma, emotionally. I have never experienced anything traumatizing like that. I know it was physically traumatizing; my milk supply began drying up that week and never came back even though I continued nursing Charity for every feeding.

God is Sovereign, He is Kind, Gentle, Loving, Merciful, Gracious, and He knows exactly what is best for me. He allowed me to go through this experience. I don't know why. I don't know if I will ever know why. I hope and pray I never have to go through it again. And I pray that I will have peace about the memories and in the thunderstorms that He allows to come over our house. I have Him in my heart and he IS the Prince of Peace, afterall. :)

Now as I close this post, the retelling and reliving of this chapter of my life, I wonder if perhaps this will also help my mind and emotions place this behind me, finally, where the memory can stay in a dusty box in a back corner of my memories.

In God's hands,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sylvia - 2 1/2 years!!

Oh me, blogging quickly falls to the wayside so much these days. This month (September) is the month of half-birthdays for 4/5ths of our family so some updates would be fitting. I'm starting off with Sylvia since her half-birthday comes first in the month (on the 5th... 11 days late isn't too bad, right? :) ).

Sylvia is a bundle of shy joy. Over the summer she has turned very bashful when it comes to a few certain things. 

The first time she got to help me make chocolate chip cookies for Daddy. Just the two of us. It was so fun and so special. (This was also the day she nosedived into the back of their doll carrier and nearly split her head open.)

Mud and dirt. Those two words alone sum up Sylvia very well. She is happy to play outside in our dirt pile and a bonus is that I let her come inside and get water from the fridge to take back out and create mud. Most days she doesn't look like this, though!! This was after she had spent some time playing in a mud puddle. :)

Contentedness. She is a quiet, content girl much of the time. Content while playing in the dirt. Content while sitting and coloring (and she can color very well!). Content to just sit and snuggle on your "soulder" as she calls it. :)

I want to say a word about the this picture. Not only is it a beautiful picture of her, but this dress was a hand-me-down earlier this year and it is my very favorite dress to see her in. And her braids. Oh my, she is as cute as a button in 2 braids!!

A blurry picture of a cute moment. :) 

This summer the girls attended Vacation Bible School for the first time. They loved it and this is Sylvia with her "Certificate" from VBS. It had been used for cutting practice before I got around to taking a picture. :)

Habits. Sylvia went through a phase of picking her nails. It felt like a never ending phase and her poor nails would be red and nearly bleeding most days. I didn't know what to do, friends didn't know what to do, and for a while putting bandage tape on her nails worked. Then she started picking the tape off. We gently and firmly reminded her all day, every day to not pick her nails (it was an unconscious thing she was doing) and we praised and cheered when she would have nails that hadn't been picked lately. Without any big hullabaloo she just eventually stopped picking her nails.

Putting things in her mouth is/was another habit that she seems to have. It isn't nearly as bad now, but for a while she put just about anything in her mouth. This picture is after she had put a black, dry-erase crayon in her mouth. It made quite the goatee! :)

She loves playing in water, but she's not a big fan of splashing and carrying on. Especially not GETTING splashed. We didn't use the kiddie pool as much as I thought we might this year because it was never long before there was a disagreement on how the water should be played with. :)  She can be a quiet player, and when it comes to water that's how she likes it. She loved going to the lake this summer with my family. :)

Her blankie. This picture holds a thousand words that I can't begin to write. One word would be "beautiful."

Sylvia loves, loves, loves her baby sister. She has learned to be gentle with Charity and the gentleness shows in her actions towards her. She loves to give Charity hugs and kisses.

The next picture has quite the story. On a day that I had not showered and was wearing less than my nicest home clothes, we ended up taking an emergency trip to the doctors office. Sylvia was playing outside after lunch and put on a pair of boots that had been left outside. A spider had taken up residence in the boot and eventually bit Sylvia. She initially just fussed a bit while trying to take her boot off. I helped her get the boot off and saw the dead spider squashed on her foot right on top of the little, white, raised welt. I immediately saved the dead spider in a plastic cup and started applying Young Living Essential Oils to the bit to help remove the toxins and relieve any discomfort. She wasn't crying or anything and was acting totally normal. After making several phone calls and hurried texts, it was decided to be safe and go to the doctor.

En route, any time I could (stop signs, stop lights, etc.) I reached back and applied more essential oils to the bite. I didn't really think there was going to be any problem until about half way to the doctor's office she started having tremors in her hands. Not bad, but not normal. She still wasn't verbalizing any indicators that it was bothering her but I was watching her very closely. Since we were walk-in at the pediatrician's office we had to wait our turn. Which ended up being a 2.5 hour wait. During that time she went from normal to fussing to full-out crying. It was over her nap-time but even so it was completely uncharacteristic of her. She kept saying her foot hurt.

The doctor looked at her foot (which by now had a red area about the size of a tennis ball around the bite) and looked at the spider. She was convinced it was not a black widow spider and that the bite was harmless. However, Sylvia was sweating profusely and just crying and crying. Her walk was not steady, either. The doctor called in another doctor and they just observed Sylvia for a minute or two before deciding to send us to a pediatric urgent care center (thankfully on our way home) for observation.

It was 5pm and nobody had napped, Charity was not having the best of times and I had very full hands with everything going on. I desperately called Daniel and praise the Lord! he had just walked in the door at home. I begged him to please come meet us at KidMed to pick up Susannah and Charity. As we got into the car where Sylvia's blanket was, I knew that if her hysteria was from lack of sleep she would snuggle with her blankie and go to sleep. She snuggled her blankie and would be quiet for a tiny bit then she would scream. Literally scream. And then cry. She did that the whole 10 minutes from the Doctors office to the urgent care.

Once we got into our room at KidMed I was hoping someone would finally take us seriously that something was simply not right. (And I don't say that to mean that the doctors we saw at the ped's office didn't; my mama gut just didn't think it was "nothing".) Again the doctor was convinced it was not a black widow spider (I had the spider with me, dead, in a little container). As I was able, I was frantically searching the web on my tiny phone and texting with my sister who was on her computer, trying to find out information on the looks, markings and lack of markings on black widows.

All the while Sylvia was continuing her screaming and crying. Each time she screamed I would ask "what's the matter?" and she would cry and cry and say "well, um, my foot hurts!" They tried various distractions for the first hour: the TV (she asked me to turn it off), a Popsicle - she nibbled a few bites and didn't want any more, crackers - she ate maybe half a dozen and didn't want the rest. They finally tried some numbing cream. 45 minutes later they gave her some Motrin. An hour later they gave her liquid Prednisone. Another hour passed with no change in Sylvia's behavior and they decided to give her some morphine. By this time she was physically EXHAUSTED (no small wonder). We had to move to a different room for the IV so we did that.

Then I had to put her on the table to get her IV. It took the nurse forever to find a vein (I'm sure not having drank anything all afternoon didn't help) and then it blew. She called in another nurse who chose a vein further up her arm and got it the first try. By this time Sylvia was all but asleep. I was loosely holding her legs and body, and another nurse holding her hand but she had no fight left in her. She screamed when they put the needle in and immediately fell asleep. Knowing we were finally headed in the direction of relief for her, I was glad to go through it all.

Once the IV was in place I crawled up on the bed and held her. It was the most uncomfortable way for me to hold her but my mama heart wouldn't let it be any other way. Then the IV pump wasn't working and the nurse fiddled with it for probably 15 minutes before another nurse decided to just let the IV gravity drip instead of being pumped. It took 30 minutes to run in and just as it was finished she woke up. She just laid there and I asked her how her foot felt. She sat up and chirped "It's all better!" It took a few minutes for us to get checked out and on our way home. She drank the rest of her juice and finished off her crackers. When we got home (at 9:30pm, having left the house at 2pm) Daniel had supper heated up for both of us. By this time Sylvia was a combination of sleep and drug drunk. Her walk was wobbly and her speech very lazy. She ate a few bites of supper and was zoned out. We tucked her into bed and put the baby monitor in her room. She woke up twice, I think, crying about her foot. Tylenol and more of the numbing cream got us through the night. She complained about it hurting for a few more days, and we gave her Tylenol as needed and used the numbing cream often (she said it helped).

I did a lot of digging around on the internet and finally found that there are FALSE black widow spiders. There are 125 different species that are knows as False Black Widows, and the one picture matched our spider exactly. It said the bite is not very poisonous but extremely painful. Now I know and am glad to finally have an answer! Sylvia has a respectful fear of spiders now, and knows to not put on any shoes or boots that are outside.

 ******* End of the Spider Story *******

Sylvia loves to watch and be a part of whatever I'm doing in the kitchen... or just about anywhere, really. :) In this picture I was preparing squash to make into baby food. She took one of the pieces and put toothpicks in it for a "birthday cake."

I found this in my phone pictures. It's from early summer. I had put Charity on the couch for a minute while I did something and when I got back I saw this. :)  Sylvia loves, loves, loves Charity. She will tell anyone and everyone "her name is Charity. Charity Kathleen!" It comes out as "Chawity Kaffween".

Many of Sylvia's Ls come out as W, and her Rs are non-existent if they are in the middle of a word. It is interesting to hear her pronunciation of words. "World" comes out "wihld" (short vowel-sound i); Car - Cah; Morning - Moaning; Blankie - Bvankie; Grandma - Bvamma. She must've recently grown just enough to be able to see out the side windows of the car; when we pass cow fields and there are a bunch of cows, she says "WOOKWOOKWOOOOOK MAMA!! COWS!!" The first time she said it I was wondering what in the world had her so excited. :)

She loves to snuggle and to be rocked. She LOVES to sing (but will often stop if we start singing with her); Great Is Thy Faithfulness is what she sings the most right now. Anyone and everyone that she thinks may be remotely interested she will tell them that she is 2 and hold up two fingers. :)

This is a little glimpse into our world with Sylvia over the summer. We love her bunches and bunches.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Begin Your Oily Journey - Young Living Promo

I know I've been quiet on the blog lately; I promise that I have some cute blog posts in the works. :)

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