Sunday, September 21, 2014

Begin Your Oily Journey - Young Living Promo

I know I've been quiet on the blog lately; I promise that I have some cute blog posts in the works. :)

Right now, before it comes and goes without you knowing, I wanted to share this great opportunity to get your family started with Young Living Essential Oils. If you've been reading here this summer you know that we use them and love them.

This promotion is only through the 30th of this month (September) so if you've been thinking about using essential oils, now is a great time start. Especially with school in full swing, fall and winter coming, I want to make sure we have our oily arsenal on hand for fighting off all the yuckies and keeping our bodies built up and strong!!

This month when you join Young Living as a wholesale member with the Premium Starter Kit, not only do you get the kit {which includes: Diffuser, 11 bottles of essential oils, a bunch of samples and a lot of great information - over $300 worth of product for $150!!}, you'll also get everything you need for a great start on your oily journey! For free you will get:
  • The NEW Essential Oils Pocket Reference book (which is my favorite go-to!).
  •  Empty vials for carrying oils on the go (so you can have your favorites at home AND in your purse) or to create oil blends. 
  • Vegetable capsules for taking oils internally. (Trust me, it is a sinking feeling to get sick, want to take oils internally and not having any empty capsules...)
  • 1 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap - so good for keeping the bad germs washed away!!
Sign up HERE to purchase the Premium Starter Kit and get the free promotional items.  Be sure to select Wholesale Member to receive wholesale prices (24% discount!) on all your purchases! (NO fees or obligations with the wholesale membership.)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, either through comments or the email button near the top right of my blog. I would love to have you on the oily journey with me!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Respiratory Virus Preparedness - Essential Oil Style!

If you're on social media at all, you've probably seen the headlines about the Unidentified Respiratory Virus that is likely to make it's way across the country {article from ABC news here}, especially bad for children and those with asthma or compromised immune systems. Since I have both small children and trouble with asthma from time to time, it for sure caught my attention!

People, especially those with small children, are going to want to be prepared. Prepared to help your body stay healthy and free of the virus but also prepared to help your body fight it if you would get it!

If I had read the article about the respiratory virus a year ago I would have wondered if I had anything on hand that would really help us if we would get this virus and brushed it off to just wait and see. Now? This time I'm prepared with my oily arsenal from Young Living

In this picture are all of the Young Living Essential Oils I have that can help with the body's immune system {fighting off the bad bug!} and respiratory health {sinuses, lungs, coughing, congestion}. Of course these are just a portion of the oils available to you from Young Living.

Many of the pictured oils are in either the Premium Starter Kit (which comes with the fabulous diffuser you see and that we love!!) and the Golden Touch Kit. The essential oils in these kits are amazing and I feel prepared for any yuckies that come our way this winter.

I'm not one to freak out about "what-ifs," but especially with children I want to be prepared. Below is how you, too, can be prepared for the winter-time yuckies - even if it's not specifically this "unidentified respiratory virus" that is going around.

To order your own Young Living Essential Oils simply follow this link to sign up as a wholesale member (24% off all products!): Sign Up Here.  Select the Premium Starter Kit (which includes several of the oils I mentioned above) and fill out the rest of the information.

{The "limited time offer" for this kit with the Di-Gize and Sacred Frankincense is truly limited time. You want to get this kit while you can because these two oils are fabulous!!}

If you would also like to purchase the Golden Touch Kit 1, you would simply add it to your order when you reach that page of the process.

The two oils that I have in the first picture that are not in either kit are the Breathe Again Roll-On and Eucalyptus radiata. You can also add those to your order if you would like. 

We've been using our oils on an as-needed basis but tonight we started our daily "winter" regimen, starting with Thieves applied to our feet before bed. I have Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier in my purse for when we are out and about (I can only imagine the germs on the car carts at the grocery store...), Thieves Foaming Handsoap for our bathrooms, and we will be diffusing essential oils daily when we are home.

If you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch with me through a comment on this blog post or send me an email with the Contact Me button on the right side of my blog. 

Happy oiling for health!!!