Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend was exciting all around :) It was the first weekend in a while that we didn't have anything specific going on and we could do "whatever we wanted."

To start the weekend off, on Friday Susannah tried to roll over for the first time (that I know of)! She tried and tried and tried, but couldn't get it. She's still working on it, but I haven't seen her try it as much as she was that day. Now she gets frustrated pretty fast :)
Saturday afternoon we all went to a local berry farm and picked blueberries. It was a rather warm day with some breezes blowing. Daniel pulled Susannah's stroller right up to a blueberry bush so she could enjoy the shade. She was a really good girl and was content most of the time, even took a brief nap while we picked.
Here's my handsome Daniel picking blueberries :) We picked for about 1 hour, and got about 5 quarts, I think.
Sunday was Daniel's first Father's Day :) (Technically not but...) I dressed Susannah in her pretty yellow butterfly dress (first time she wore it) and she looked so pretty for her Daddy :)

On Friday I helped her make her Father's Day gift for Daniel. It was kinda fun, and not so easy to get wet-paint foot prints from a wiggly 3 month old transferred onto t-shirts :) They turned out very cute, though, even if they aren't "perfect."

Daniel with his girlie :)

It was really special to watch Daniel and Susannah enjoying Father's Day. Daniel is such a wonderful Daddy to our baby girl, and I can tell that he loves her so much.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grocery Shopping Trip 6/17

Sorry, folks. I don't have any grand tales about travelling to the edge of the earth and falling off, even though I'm sure it seems like that's what's happened with me here in bloggy land!! Life does exist without posting on my blog - imagine that! Nothing grand or super exciting has happened to specifically keep me from posting, just the regular everyday life with my little delight, Susannah :)

I have been grocery shopping every week, but yesterday I actually took the time and got everything photographed for a blot post :)

Food: (2) Flour (Bread & AP), Smoothie, Oil, OJ & Milk
Pears, Tomatoes, Nectarines, Lettuce, Baking Powder & Rice
~I decided to give Kroger brand bread flour a try. It was considerably cheaper than the leading brands (which weren't on sale), and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it.
~Roma tomatoes were $.49/lb. and lettuce $1.05/head - salads anyone?
~Yoplait Smoothie was FREE with a coupon I'd gotten in the mail a while ago.

Shelf Price - $25.69
OOP - $20.82
Saved - $4.87 / 19%

(4) Gillette Body Wash - BOGO sale + BOGO coupon = FREE :)
(4) Olay Body Wash - $1.99/ea
(4) Ivory Body Wash - FREE WYB Olay
(2) Dial - $.30/ea
Tide (64 load) - $9.29

Shelf Price - $67.45
OOP - $19.72
Saved - $47.74 / 71%

~I wouldn't normally spend $1.99 on a bottle of body wash, but with all the other free BW, it comes out to $.66/ea. AND for each (2) Olay Total Effects, you get a coupon for $2 off your next purchase :) I did 2 transactions since I was getting 4, so now I have $4 in coupons to use on my next shopping trip! Counting that in, I really got all the body wash free!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Weekend

We had a very busy weekend over Memorial Day weekend! It was Susannah's first overnight trip and she did great! We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday night's at my sister's house and we took along our pak'n'play for Susannah to sleep in. This was also the first time that two of my sisters got to meet Susannah. Laura lives in North Carolina and works and goes to school full-time, and Lucy lives out in Wyoming and her trips in are few and far between :) It was a really fun weekend with all the sisters together.

Saturday afternoon was a Bridal shower for Laura who's getting married the end of July.

Laura and Susannah (who is a great contortionist!)
Julia feeding Susannah with Hannah's help :)
(Hannah and Susannah are birthday-sharing cousins!)Lucy and Susannah
Daniel spending some time with Susannah on the floor.Susannah and Atlas, Rachel & Ted's dog.
Sunday afternoon Rachel and Ted threw their bi-annual party with food and games a-plenty. Here my brother-in-law, Linden (Julia's husband), my sisters Lucy and Katie, and my oldest brother, Luke, are playing Monopoly. Linden is a HUGE Monopoly player.In the evening they had a hot-dog roast with S'mores :) Here's my sister, Rachel, roasting a marshmallow (Katie's in the background).
My oldest sister, Gail, and her son, Bobby.
It was a fun weekend. Since Daniel had off on Monday it was nice to not have to feel like we needed to leave the party early to make it back home Sunday night. We'd planned to come home Sunday, but since we didn't have to we stayed another night. I'm afraid Lucy didn't get to sleep in a bed much while she was visiting! Rachel and Ted only have one guest bed and Lucy was staying at their house, too. She got promoted to the couch while we were there. Thanks, Lucy!! Since all the partying was at Rachel and Ted's house, it was much easier to just stay there. We could leave the pak'n'play set up and not have to drag diaper bags and whatnot hither and yon from place to place. Plus Daniel always has a great time helping Ted with his farmwork. Saturday night he said he did a "me" thing and HE was the one keeping us awake talking about his day :P

I wish I had more pictures, but I don't. You can check out my sister's blog posts here and here if you really want to see and read more about the weekend :)