Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yay, I'm HOME!!

And what an adventure it was getting here!! Monday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. Paul & Hannah are both sick, getting over colds, and I knew that when I went up there, so I made sure to drink LOTS of water every day. It didn't work. I got through the day, and by evening I could tell it was going to be more than just a 1-day scratchy throat thing. I dug and dug around the house looking for cold meds, and could only find cough-syrup type stuff, and Thera-Flu tea. And of course, the one time I travel and forget to pack all my cold & sinus meds... (I try to ALWAYS take them with me, cause it's not unusual for me to get sick while travelling or being gone for a period of time).

About 9pm I decided to swig down a mug of Thera-Flu Daytime tea. Sometimes "nighttime" meds make me sleep TOO deep. It wasn't too bad tasting. Right before I went to bed I took another dose. I wanted to kick this cold in the butt, so more power to me if I took 2 doses. And I could not go to sleep. I laid there and rested and listened to the 101 clocks in the house go tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. I was comfortable, I was warm (with the blanket over my head), I was drowsy, but couldn't sleep. I finally started dozing off and on, but still not really sleeping. Around 3am I started feeling uncomfortable in my stomach. I rutched around hoping it was just some weird cramps or something, and tried to go back to sleep. The more I laid there the more it wasn't going away. Or lessening. I tossed around the ideas of "it's nothing" and "should I really get up and get something to barf in?" and mostly "I do NOT want to get stomach sick!!!!! I want to GO HOME!!!!!".

Around 3:30 I realized I needed a barf bucket. So I grabbed the trashcan from the living room (I was sleeping on the couch since Sally & Andrew got home at midnight), took the bag of trash out of it, and waited. But not for long. I made a major sacrifice to the plastic throne. And felt much better! Good, maybe that's all it was. I was able to go to sleep then, but woke up later with a repeat session of stomach hurting, then getting worse and worse, and getting hotter and hotter and hotter, then losing it, and then being so freezing cold I thought all my sweat was going to turn into icicles. That happened a third and last time around 4:30, and then I slept solid until about 7:30 when I woke up feeling normal and actually a little hungry!

When the rest of the house woke up, Andrew immediately made me some jello, and I had some plain pancakes and jello for breakfast, still feeling fine. My stomach did "feel" a little bit shortly after breakfast, and I was really hoping that breakfast was going to stay down!! But I didn't want to stay there any more! I wanted to go home!! So I loaded up my car, borrowed a bucket from Sally, took the rest of my jello and a plastic spoon, and came home :) Ahh, my own glorious home!! I love you!!

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon, and instead of making it home in time to get a nap in before I had to leave, I had just enough time to eat a small lunch and take a shower. When I got home from, Daniel was home and it was SO good to see him again! Absence makes the heart grow fonder for sure!

I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, put supper in the oven, and then sat and did nothing for the rest of the evening. My sinuses were really starting to hurt, my neck hurt, I was exhausted (I'm sure from the go-go-go for 4 days, and then being up 1/2 the night) and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

This morning I still don't feel great. My throat is still sore and scratchy and I don't want to get into any shouting contests. My sinuses are still loaded and I just want it to go away.

But I need to figure out what kind of grocery trip I need to make either today or tomorrow, figure out if any bills need paid, and do a ton of laundry.

We both slept in this morning (Daniel doesn't have any work today so far :( ) and then I made french toast for breakfast. Thankfully the "stomach thing" is gone. I still don't really know what it was, maybe a reaction to the Thera-Flu tea?? I'm just so glad I'm home and getting to spend time with Daniel :)


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

that Thera-Flu stuff is disgusting in my opinion! I can't hardly stomach it to even get it down. I actually like the little Emergen-C packets that you can mix with OJ. I'll have to find out exactly what it is called. It's a big vitamin booster.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I am so sorry you have been/are so sick! What a bummer! I wish I could tell you a magic potion, but we are on week three, and finally in recovery mode and feeling better. I'm glad you made it home. Enjoy some unwinding and non-go-go-go days.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

101 clocks, huh. I guess it's hard to deny that I love to be able to see a clock and I love knowing what time it is. That's why there's a clock visible from pretty much every place in our house. I don't hear the ticking, I guess I am used to it. I hope it didn't keep you awake!

A family at our Wits End... said... [Reply to comment]

So happy for you that the sickness didn't really hit until you were "off the hook" for caring for the little ones! That would be really rough (you may never have any kiddos of your own with that kind of initiation)! I hope you are on the mend soon... I had to muddle through Kroger completely on my own this time... I did okay, though. ;)

Amanda said... [Reply to comment]

I am so glad you are starting to feel better! Isn't being sick when you are away from home the worst?!! It always seems to happen to me. Especially the stomach flu. That is the worst when you are not at your own house.

I am in my early 30's, but I still call my Mom when I get sick. Even just to hear her voice makes me feel better. Plus, she has all the great home remedy knowledge!

God Bless and welcome back home!