Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 2/18

I didn't get around to posting my purchases on Wednesday or Thursday, so I'm giving it a shot now. And hoping that I can get it finished and posted before the next wee bairn needs a nose wiped or a potty session. I am babysitting my nephew and niece, Paul & Hannah, for a long weekend. Today is the first day and we're getting along pretty peachy! Right now they are playing very well in Paul's room :) As long as they're happy, I leave 'em alone :P

I went to both Kroger and CVS. I thought I'd brought my receipts with me, but I don't have them so I'll just have to post items and totals.

2 Kroger Chips - $1.99/ea.
2 Orange Juice - $1.46/ea.
1 Whipped Topping - $.99
2 Dial Handsoaps (I think these were $.18/ea after coupon)
Popcorn - $1.46
Total OOP: $13.64
*Only used coupons on the Dial Handsoap

Drr! I was just looking over this thinking "uh, all that Kroger stuff can't add up to $13.64". So I pulled out the calculator, and sure 'nuff, it doesn't. And I realized what was missing. I'd bought some reduced cubed steak. It was a nice big package (not family sized), and it was a good markdown price, so I got it. I'm thinking some country fried steak with gravy might be on the menu soon...

2 Colgate Toothpaste
2 Herbel Essence Shampoo
1 Venus Spa Breeze razor
*Used coupons for everything
*Used a $10 ECB
Total OOP: $3.45
Earned either $11 or $13-something in ECB's

Whole Trip OOP: $17.09
I don't know what the savings were, probably not much at Kroger, but pretty decent at CVS!!

I know this isn't close to my $25/week budget at all, but things are getting pretty (as in REALLY) slim in the income department, so I felt like it was only the right thing to do to cut back on groceries, too. Plus there wasn't much that I NEEDED to get, so I got the real bare bones. Ok, the OJ, cool whip, Popcorn, soap and whole CVS trip weren't "needed", but we've been out of popcorn for a while and it makes a healthy, cheap snack, the Valentine's Pie that I made needed cool whip to tame down the richness, and I would rather spend a dollar now on shampoo and toothpaste then wait until we're out and don't have a dollar to spend on it! :)