Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 02/04/09

Ok, can anyone say "Retarded"?? I mean, totally. Me. Yup, me. I went to Food Lion yesterday to buy grapes. Then today I went to Kroger to get the rest of the groceries and totally forgot about the grapes and thought I could spend my whole budget at Kroger!! Grr. Ok, so it's only $1.01 over budget, but still.

Here's a picture of EVERYTHING: Food Lion (I'm starting with them 'cause it's easy :) )
1.13 lbs Grapes - $1.12
Total OOP: $1.15
MVP savings: $1.13 or 50%

1 lb. Ham lunchmeat, markdown - $1.89
(2) Yoplait Kids Yogurts - $1.00 ($.50/ea)
*used (2) $1.50 IPQ
(3) Totino's Pizza Rolls - $.75 ($25/ea)
*used (3) $.50 Q's, each doubled
2 lbs. Butter - $5.00 ($2.50/ea)
1 gal. Milk, markdown - $1.99
(3) Ragu Pasta Sauce - $2.60 ($.87/ea)
*used $1/3 Q
Kroger Vanilla - $.98
(2) Dole Pineapple Chunks - $1.93 ($.96/ea)
*used $.75/2 Q
Kroger Beef Bouillon - $1.65
1 lb. Kroger Macaroni - $.88
1 lb. Kroger Rice - $.99
Kroger Chips - $1.67
(3) Multi-Grain Cheerios - $2.00 ($.67/ea)
*used (3) $.50 Q's, each doubled
Cottonelle - FREE, $.25 money-maker
*used $.50 IPQ, doubles to $.99
*had a $.25 cellfire Q on my card and didn't know it!
(2) Hershey Bars - $.21!!
*used a BOGO Q, they were on sale $.50/ea, the coupon took off $.79
18 ct. Kroger Eggs - $1.67
(4) Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce - $1.32 ($.33/ea)
*used $.50/2 Q
Used the $1 off your next order coupon that I got last week.

Side note: The 4 Manwich I'm going to donate to our church's food pantry. I can't stand the stuff, but it was really cheap and it filled out the 10 items I needed to get the $3 off at checkout (yes, another one of THOSE weeks!)

Total OOP: $26.26, minus the Manwich = $24.86
Saved (on the $24.86): $29.57 or 54%

Whole Trip OOP: $26.01
Total Saved: $30.70 or 54%

Check out my post here on this week's Kroger deals!


Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome job! You have no idea how jealous I am that you have a store that doubles coupons regularly!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Liz, Yeah, I've thought that if we ever move, Kroger might be on the list of "must haves" for the new location :)

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That looks mighty good and frugal! Hey, here's a hint. I bought the Trix yogurt (for kids) once, for Paul and Hannah, and that stuff looks bad, like as in really bad. It must have enough food coloring in to kill a rabbit. Paul's and Hannah's poo-poo turned the color of the yogurt. I'm not going to buy it again. I get the Yoplait for kids instead.