Monday, February 23, 2009

Today in a Nutshell

To start things off, I'd put Paul on his potty (in the bathroom) right after he woke up. When I went to check on him later, he jumped up off his potty, and the bowl stuck to his behind. And fell off. And the contents (thankfully only the liquid kind) dumped all over the floor. And got his previously dry jammies wet. And Hannah wanted to come investigate. And Paul started crying because Hannah was touching his blankies. And I was trying to clean up the mess before it totally soaked everything in it's path.

Ok, we get everything wiped up, cleaned up, dried off, little bodies clothed for the day, and we sit down to eat breakfast. While we're eating breakfast, Paul was imitating Hannah in her coughing (I'd strongly warned and reprimanded him to NOT do it, but he's a little boy...) and she thought it was funny, so she "coughed" some more and ended up choking on her mouth of food. And then gagging and throwing up part of her breakfast. Paul got to see first-hand why you don't mess with Hannah when she's eating!!

We get through that ordeal, I put Paul on the potty (again), and go to take off Hannah's diaper so she can sit on her potty. (I'm huffing and puffing even as I'm writing this!) I take off her shoes, pull off her pants, and she has royally "blown out" both sides of her diaper. And onesie. And into her long-jons. And she constantly wants to "feel" down there anytime she's not fully clothed. And it got all over her socks, her feet, and she promptly started kicking and smearing up the wall beside the changing table. Then grabbing her poopy feet with her hands. GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! She had it smeared EVERYwhere. Up her back, down both legs, grrrr. I was glad I had a good supply of wipes. (It was frustrating... not maddening. Just in case you couldn't read the difference.)

Then I had the challenge of getting her poopy onesie up over her head and arms without covering her further. I ended up wrapping the worst part in a wipe, then rolling the whole thing up to her chest, and then took it off.

And of course she didn't do any more poo-poo in her potty.

Ahh, this certainly has to be the worst part of the day, it will only go better. Please. Heh-Heh-Heh. They must've certainly known that I am going home tomorrow and wanted to make a lasting impression on me.

While most of the afternoon went well, and Paul and I had fun drawing pictures and coloring for a couple minutes, they were both the fussiest they'd been yet when I was trying to get supper ready.

Before getting supper ready, I was washing a couple dishes. Then Paul wanted to wash dishes, so I finished the ones I was doing, and got him set up to "wash dishes". While I was doing that Hannah just started wailing and wailing as if her world had just crashed down around her. Leaving Paul with serious instructions (such as do not turn on the water - I was afraid he'd end up with hot water and burn himself), I went to check her diaper. Again, she had done another blow-out. Not quite as bad as the first one, but I did have to change her onesie AGAIN (which meant taking off 2 other shirts), and take off her long-jons. I put the bare minimum of clothes back on her, knowing that as soon as supper was over, she was getting a royal bath. Goodness knows she needed it!!

We managed to get supper on the table before they both died of hunger (or so they thought), and everyone ate just fine.

Then Hannah had her bath and enjoyed it while Paul read books in the living room. Then we picked up all the toys, read our Bible Story, then Paul went back on the potty for his last session while I put Hannah to bed. Praise the Lord, she went to sleep without a problem!!! I fed her her bottle, she drank it all without trying to pull any thumb-int0-mouth tricks, and I put her in her crib as soon as she was done and she STAYED SLEEPING!!!!! Glory hallelujah!!!

We got Paul all spiffied up in his jammies and into bed with teeth brushed and face washed.

Then I crashed and burned and called Daniel. Ahh, some adult conversation!! That I can understand!! And I don't have to reply to each and every phrase and noise. I cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, folded the several loads of baby clothes that I ended up washing (blow-outs and wet jammies tend to use up alot of clothes...), emptied the trash and slop, and now I think I will start going to bed.

Sally & Andrew should be home right around mid-night. I can't wait to go home and see my Daniel!! And sleep in my own bed!! And eat food at the real mealtime, not trying to swallow my food whole between potty breaks. And no more Desitin under my fingernails (though it does make them look nice and white...). Or blow-outs. Or dumped over potty bowls.

But I think I will miss the baby snuggles and cute happy faces and all the baby-lovin. Just a little.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that sounds like a really rough day!!! To be fair, we've only had days like that maybe 10x total since Zander was born :) If it was daily, we probably wouldn't be pregnant again LOL.

Tammy K. said... [Reply to comment]

WOW! What memories you brought back to me. I have six wonderful kids myself ages 17 to 4. I bet you will never ever again look at any young mother and think why can't she keep those kids clean and boy she should really do something with her hair.HAHA!

Tammy K.

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Miriam, your retelling what happened left me in stitches. But I do feel sorry for you. Being a caregiver is a hard job!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Muchas gracias, Miriam! Yes, yes, even if you understood before, now you understand even more why there are some days I don't even get my hair combed! Ahh...I hope you can relax, take a long tub soak (eating some Ghiradelli's cho. if your stomach is up to it), and get a real good nap this afternoon. Love you lots!