Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip: 2/11/09

Ok, guess - just guess - how much OOP all of this was? I bet you'll only believe me after I tell you :P
2# Carrots - $1.74
Celery - $1.50
Head Lettuce - $1.45
3# Onions - $2.45
2 Kroger Cream of Mushroom - $1.58
2 Kroger Value Corn - $.98
Kroger CHICKEN Bouillon - $1.65
Kroger Value Catsup - $1.12
Kroger "American" Cheese - $1.39
Kroger Whipped Topping - $.79
5# Kroger AP Flour - $1.97
Cottonelle - FREE after coupon
Used $.50 IPQ
4 Hershey's w/ Almonds - $.42 after coupoon
4 Hershey's Special Dark - $.42 after coupons
Used a BOGO Q
Trident Gum - $.34 after coupon
Used $.75 Q
Total OOP - $20.44
Total Saved (coupons & sales) - $7.72 or 28%

Food Lion
1 1/2 lbs. Butter - $3.00
Total OOP - $3.08
Total savings - $2.97 or 49%

6 whole Chickens - $.69/lb
Total OOP - $.07 :D

Whole Trip OOP - $23.59
Total Savings (not counting Ukrops) - $10.76 or 31%

Not bad for only using 6 coupons!

I have been holding on to two $10 Ukrops gift cards that we were given back in December as a thank you gift, waiting for a really good meat sale. Yay! I was so tickled pink last night when I went online and saw that they had whole chickens on sale for $.69/lb! I cheered out loud and Daniel asked what was going on :P As soon as I finish posting this and start the washing machine, I will start hacking away at the birds, cutting them up to freeze. I will then cook down the carcases to make broth and get the rest of the meat off. Oh, wow, I still am so excited about this!

A heads up: Note the Food Lion butter price. That's $2/lb. This sale price will run through next Tuesday, 2/17. It's not the cheapest I've ever seen it ($1.88/lb), but that's $.50 cheaper than the usual sale price! I don't specifically NEED butter, but since I had plenty of wiggle room this week, you bet I was going to grab some!! Same thing with the $.99/doz. eggs that were marked down at Kroger. I have 3 doz. already in the frige, but that is a steal, and I've never had eggs go bad on me.

I was really happy that I didn't have much at all on my "need" list this week, and I was able to restock the fresh veggies, get some extra corn and soup, and *derrrrr*, buy CHICKEN bouillon!! Last week I grabbed BEEF bouillon! I considered returning it but figured whatever, I'll keep it and use it eventually. Plus if I return it, they'd probably just throw it out if they're like any other food store where I've returned food. If you need some beef bouillon.... :)

Today is such a beautiful day! If I knew 100% that it wasn't going to get down to freezing for the rest of the winter, I'd go out and start planting my peas if I had the seeds. Today I feel a little more like "toughing it out" as far as Daniel's job and my going back to work goes. We just have to pray about it and see how the Lord guides us. Thanks to all of you who are praying. It's not easy to think about. There are hopefully some big changes in store for our family over the next year, and going back to work doesn't exactly fit into OUR "perfect plans". It's always tough to stare up at the knotted, tangled mess of thread and trust that God is up there weaving a perfect, beautiful "picture". We see only this side of things - He sees Eternity. The Alpha AND Omega.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

You really did good this week! I wish I could get chicken that cheap here!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Good going on the meat. Yeah, I know what you mean about the tangled knots on our side of the picture. We always know that's the way it is, but sometimes it gets really personal and it's your turn to see the tangled knots up close. I'll keep praying for you.

Tammy K. said... [Reply to comment]

WOW! what a great job this week!

Just remember it is better to be under God's will instead of trying to fix it ourselves. When my DH was out of work several years ago it would have been very easy for me to go back to work for a time but my husband felt we should trust God and follow his plan. We have always felt that God wanted me at home and He proved that a few weeks later. My husband went for an interveiw for the job he has now and at the end of it they asked him what his wife did for a living (the job is with a chritian school). He told them I was a homemaker. Later he found out that this was one of the deciding factors that led them to create a position for him. God is so good and if we would have gotten out of his will due to fear or disobedience we might not be where we are today! I will be praying for you.