Monday, August 4, 2008

You can always give it a try...

You can't say you don't like it until you've tried it. So here I am, new to the world of blogs. I've just recently discovered blogs. The two that I have really been frequenting lately are Gayle's two blogs: , and

Not only are her blogs amazing (and funny!!), but she has inspired me to see if we can't cut down on our grocery budget. Our grocery budget for 2 people is the same as her grocery budget for SIX people! Yep, $50.00 a week. And we can sure go through it, too. We have no kids at this point. I grow a pretty big garden and freeze or can alot of veggies (well, I'm trying to at least). So without wanting to go cheap in the meaning of: not frugal but ridiculous, I'm interested to see if we can get by on $25.00 a week.

I don't know yet. I am used to being a "stocker". If I am running low on something, stock up on it. Get 2 cans of Miracle Whip, and when you start the last one, buy 2 more. When butter is running low, stock back up with 6 or 8 lbs. It freezes well, so why not, right? If I pass the meat section and see they have 5 lbs of hamburger marked down, I'd better get it, I might want/need it before I find more marked down, right? Well... then what happens when the TP is running low, and I don't have enough in my budget to also re-stock the TP supply because I've spent it all on butter and hamburger that I don't need near as desperately or immediately?

So, instead of trying to always have a supply of everything on hand at all times, I think I'll give menu-planning and weekly shopping trips a try. Oh yes, I will still buy my sugar and flour in the biggest bags I can possibly find - and for the best price I can possibly find, too. I do 99.9% of our baking and cooking from scratch, so some things are just a must.

I don't plan for our cupboard to go bare, but I am going to take Gayle's lead, and plan our menu around what we already have. It's not unusual to find myself talking to God about wanting to use what He's given us the best way that we can, so I figure I'd better start checking to make sure that we are!

So check out my next post later on to see what I've come up with for this week!!

And hopefully I'll have a few more blogging things figured out by then, too... like how to put pictures right into my post. And how to link to things. And how to...


Angie said... [Reply to comment]

I think what will also help you is having the meat in the freezer so that you can buy on sale. Just my input.