Monday, August 25, 2008

My Wonderful Man

I wanted to post about this Saturday, but the day got too long and I was too tired, and yesterday was just busy with being at church all day (Daniel and I set up 350 chairs for a special service yesterday plus all the normal work we do), and we were exhausted last night when we got home.

Anyway... back to the reason for this post :) Saturday afternoon I was working peaches getting ready to can them. The kitchen ceiling fan was on high speed (it was warm in there with the boiling water for blanching the peaches... the hot syrup to put in the jars with the peaches... the canner full of hot water coming to a boil to waterbath the jars...), and I was standing directly under it doing my thing. I'm growing my bangs out, and mousse and hairspray usually keep them out of my face at this point, but with the fan going on high, they were blowing around and hanging in my face. Of course I have both hands messy and can't brush them out of my eyes (which they were poking, too). I made a general, in passing comment about it once while Daniel was walking through the kitchen. He didn't say anything. A minute later he came back with an "alligator" clip. He pulled my long bangs out of my face and put the alligator clip in my hair to hold them there. Aww!! Now I know I looked a little funny with an alligator clip right on top of my head sticking up, but I didn't pay any attention to it!! I no longer had hair in my eyes, thanks to my wonderful, kind husband!! Thank you, Daniel!!

And I don't know what they are really called... we just called them alligator clips when we were kids (and you can tell we still do) because they have lots of "teeth" - like an alligator!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Isn't it great to have a husband? Mine is fantastic, even if he has never put and alligator clip in my hair!