Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Great Snack with A Gross Banana

A few weeks ago, I had 1 banana get a little too ripe for me to just eat fresh. I chucked it in the frige, knowing I wanted to make banana nut muffins with him. I had another batch of muffins already in the freezer, so I didn't need to make muffins right away. So he chilled out (ha ha) in the frige until yesterday when I needed to restock my muffin supply. Here's what he looked like (sorry, flash probably would've made him look a little less gross):

And here's what he looked like on the inside - not too bad, I say:

And here's what I usually do with over-ripe bananas (the "fresh" banana is what you see mashed in the measuring cup) whenever I get a supply (one store will sell them for $.29/lb, so I stocked up a while back) :

Yes, that is mashed, over-ripe banana, pre-measured out in a Ziploc that I had frozen. And yes, the date you see is correct - 2 years ago. They made some really yummy muffins, I tell ya!

After the muffins were cooled, I bagged each muffin into a fold-top sandwich baggie. Then I put those all into a gallon Ziploc, and put them in the freezer. Each morning when I pack Daniel's lunch for the day, he gets a frozen muffin. It saves me time from having to bag the muffin each morning, and the frozen muffin helps with cooling his lunch box, and is thawed by the time he gets around to eating it.

I guess this is a "gross banana tip" and a "time saver tip" all rolled into one :)


Gayle said... [Reply to comment]

Great ideas! I never thought to freeze it after it was pureed. I've always froze them in peeled chunks but then you have to wait for them to thaw out.

Angie said... [Reply to comment]


The muffins look so good. Great tip. I just stuck some ripe bananas in the freezer today because I guess the kids forgot about them and now they are very ripe. I just planned on using them in smoothies, we love those. I have some plain yogurt, the bananas and some other frozen fruit. It makes a nice treat after the boys come in from playing out or after Karate. We love them!

BTW you've been tagged.

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Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You do a good job planning ahead! I guess packing a lunch everyday keeps you on your toes!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Angie - yes, these muffins are VERY good. I plan to post the recipe AFTER I figure out how much I can cut the butter back. There was melted butter in the bottom of each muffin tin when I pulled the hot (cup-cake wrappered) muffins out. No wonder they are so good! :P No need to waste OR waist that butter!!