Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Menu and Groceries

Or is is Groceries and Menu? I can't remember... hopefully I'll get this thing to post "right" the first time and we'll have success!!

Dishwasher Gel, SB*: $2.88
Shaving Cream**: $1.28
6 boxes jar lids: $8.46
2 OJ: $2.84
2lb. carrots: $1.66
3lb. onions: $1.88
doz. eggs: $1.63
2 Dr. Pepper, 2 Pepsi, 1 Cherry Pepsi: $11.00 ($.18/can!!!!)
Total (eek!): $32.74
*SB - Store Brand

Sigh, I went over budget (by $7.74) for the first time in several weeks. Bummer.
I could blame the jar lids - I was only going to get 4 boxes, then decided to up it to 6 to be sure I had enough, and who knows when WalMart won't have them anymore this "season"?? Or I could blame the "buy 4 for $11, get the 5th one free" sale on Pepsi products. I wouldn't have done it if Pepsi and Dr. P weren't on my list this week anyway, and that, my dear, is a whole $.07 savings per can!!!! That is $.84 savings a case. And I guess I won't have to buy it for awhile, too, so that's a "plus".

Oh, on the **shaving cream. I had 2 coupons for 2 different brands of shaving cream. I compared both of them, and the "off-brand" was STILL cheaper per oz! So couponers beware of those gimmicks!

It was very tempting to gaze upon the goodies in the aisles of WalMart. Oreos, *DROOL*, Chips Ahoy, *DROOL*, chips, nuts, *drool* some more. But I STUCK TO MY LIST and made myself go down only the aisles that I needed to. It probably didn't help that I was starting to get hungry for lunch - which I promptly came home and ate!

I was a little leery of buying the store-brand dishwasher gel. The "but it might not work as well or get the dishes clean" voice in me kept trying to sway my decision, but I had to go with the less expensive and hope for the best. And if it DOES, in fact, work just as well, then I can keep on saving a few $$ on future purchases of the stuff!

Ok, enough rambling. I have a list a mile and several hours long that I need to get done today (including canning MORE peaches!! :) ), so I need to punch in my menu plan for this week. I didn't give it as careful thought and attention as I wanted to, our Saturday was busy and yesterday - well, no spare time there. I did carry over 2 meals from last week that we ended up not using.

Smoked Turkey Thighs, Corn on the Cob
Meatball Stroganoff, Broccoli
Leftover Tuna Noodle Casserole, green beans
Pork Roast w/ Raspberry sauce and a side of some kind
Pork BBQ (with leftover pork roast), a side
Deep Sea Chicken (Chicken/Rice casserole)
Snack - don't need to bake one this week, still have cookies and muffins in the freezer :)

(I just did the "spellcheck", and Oreos came up highlighted! How can they not have Oreos in their dictionary!!??)


Angie said... [Reply to comment]

I know what you mean about passing by the Oreos! I passed them by on Saturday....I was so drooling. They were 2/$5-I really wanted some but.....I held out and didn't buy any! YEAH! I over came that urge!! LOL

I am enjoying reading your blog. Just wanted to tell you.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Do you find the dishwasher gel effective? Julia told me the powder gets stuff cleaner, so that is what I get. I was afraid to get the off-brand and then have my dishes coming out dirty. Is the gel cheaper than the powder? Do you have success with off-brand powder? I have been using Electrosol powder, but if something cheaper will work as good, please let me know.

Oh, by the way, my new way of shopping is by the nutrition info., the carbs and the fats contents. It is quite a switch from shopping by the price tag.

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Heh-heh... I buy the gel because of all the trouble we had at home with the powdered stuff. I've not compared the gel/powdered price. And I've not started the GV brand of gel yet, probably by the end of this week or next. I did see a recipe for homemade powdered, but again - the bad powder experience at home turned me off. I guess I should check the prices and give powdered a try! I don't have any trouble with stuff getting clean with the gel. Things that need scrubbed I usually do by hand since there is no scrubbing robot inside my dishwasher that i know of!

julia said... [Reply to comment]

I have found that the gel takes more and leaves a scum on the dishes. But that may have to do with the extremely hard water. I don't have the horrid powder problem like we did at home.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I don't have any powder problem by using dry dishwasher detergent. I wonder if it was the hard water, or the clogged water sprayers in the dishwashers at home. Or, maybe they have just improved dishwashers so much in the last 20 years that that problem doesn't exist any more.