Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday's Menu and Groceries

Here's the menu for this week:

Fried Rice
Zucchini Patties & Tomatoes
Hamburgers & Green Beans
Tuna Cheesies
Pork Chops & Salad
Tomato Sandwiches

Chocolate Cupcakes with leftover caramel sauce to take to a carry-in.

My grocery purchases:
1 1/2 doz. eggs: $1.88
24 oz. Corn Flakes: $2.74 (cheaper than the 21 oz. box of CornFlake Crumbs)
2 Salad Dressings, (SB*): $2.44
Oyster Sauce: $1.78
2 cans Tuna: $1.34
1/2 large canteloupe: $1.89
2.01 lbs. grapes: $2.59
1.58 lbs. bananas: $.93
Cupcake Wrappers: $1.09
Total: $17.12
under budget by $7.88 - yay!

*SB = Store Brand

You maybe noticed I didn't buy any meat other than the tuna. That's because we have a freezer full of meat. I plan to defrost and organize it this week, so I know better what I have in there.

And you might wonder "what do we eat for breakfast and lunch"? Since it's just 2 of us, it's pretty simple. Daniel gets an egg/cheese sandwich (homemade) every morning with a cup of OJ - he eats on the way to work. I usually have a piece of toast and some fruit with either LF cottage cheese or LF yogurt. Daniel's lunches are usually a sandwich of sorts, with maybe a muffin or some cookies, and chips. My lunch is either some leftovers, a wrap, or here lately they have been a tomato sandwich with tomatoes from the garden :)