Saturday, August 9, 2008

4 Saturdays In A Row

I am SO looking forwards to next Saturday. I'll probably be pooped and worn out from a wedding reception Friday night, but we have nothing, nothing, nothing planned for Saturday!!

I realized today that either Daniel or I, or both of us, have been gone for the past four Saturdays. I was visiting my sister, then Daniel was camping, then a wedding (and a cake) out of town, then today we had a pool party all afternoon at some friend's house. And our Sunday's aren't so much a "day of rest" since we open and close the church for both services, and empty the 25-hundred bathroom trashcans, replace the TP, empty the "napkin baggies" (I'm thinking on a post related to that subject...), replace the paper towels, etc.

Yes, I'm ready for a Saturday, all day, with Daniel, doing nothing but whatever we decide to do. Right now I'm tired, sleepy, and super needing to go to bed for 2 reasons:

A: to stay awake in church and be alert
B: to get left on time fully dressed and breakfast made without scrambling around like a mad chicken


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

How well I know the Sunday thing! We finally got to church on time for the last two Sundays--mainly because the guy we pick up the at nursing home was not feeling well and opted not to go to church. Now, I'll have to figure it out with picking up Ken.