Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Blog Talk...

I haven't done any chatty posts lately, and thought I'd just do a quick re-cap of this past week.

Monday was groceries as you could tell from that post. I had my times mixed up for the chiropractor's office, so I didn't make it by there for my adjustment.

Tuesday resulted in a long day standing over dishpans of peaches. I canned 3 canners full (which comes to 28 quarts total) of peaches. My back, neck and shoulders were "killing me" by the time I was done, and I regretted not going back to the chiro. Monday afternoon - and even thinking that maybe I could get by with just 1 visit a week!! ha ha!!

Wednesday was a regular day. It was our first choir practice after our August break. I enjoyed being home 1 more evening in the week, but choir is fun, too.

Thursday I baked a peach pie for Daniel's dad's birthday. We took it to the cafeteria (where they eat their dinners) and surprised him with it. He gave a slice to one of the head cooks there that we sorta know (she used to come into the grocery store where I worked), and she came out, walked up to me and said "Girl! you can bake ALLLLMOST as good as I can!!" We all laughed, and after a few more comments, I said "But Amy, I'm not as old as you are, either!" That brought more laughter :) She's a great lady, always happy and cheerful (and not old by any means - probably mid 40's or so).

Friday - I DID go to the chiropractor, and it felt so good to get everything cracked and back in place!! Ahhh.... I don't think I'll skip a visit this week, I'm not sure it's worth it. Then in the afternoon I chopped up a 7 3/4 lb. pork roast that I had crock-potted all day Thursday and refrigerated overnight. I mixed up some "dump-n-stir" BBQ sauce and put it all back in the crock pot for a small-group get together Friday evening. I also made a peach cobbler to take, and homemade English Muffins for the BBQ buns. Daniel ended up having Friday off, so he did some re-wiring in the dining room, and some other remodelling related stuff. Our small group get together was fun, as always!! The one couple had to leave early (9pm), and then the other (host) couple and us stayed up and played a card game. Then Daniel and the host-husband had fun with paper airplanes and the living room ceiling fan.... for probably an hour! It was fun to watch 2 grown men tossing paper airplanes back and forth, trying to get them caught in the fan, trying to get them on TOP the fan, seeing which way the fan would make it fly.... The wife and I just visited while they were playing :) We left there right at midnight :)

Saturday Daniel pulled up the dining room floor, and I piddled around. I have pictures, but am too lazy to load them onto the computer and post them. Having him home so many days in a row spoils me!! Then we watched Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves last night for a "date". And today is Sunday!!

I'm not sure what all we'll do tomorrow, but probably some work and some play.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhhh, the lazy days with no kids. Enjoy them. Later, you can enjoy your kids, even when you are exhausted! I'm glad you have had such a good time.