Monday, August 18, 2008

I LOOOVE my sink!!!

When we were remodelling to make the new kitchen, I wanted to make sure it had a sink big enough that I didn't have to pour cups of water over dishpans, big pots, etc. to wash and rinse them. And to have a spigot tall enough for almost anything to fit under! I almost have FUN washing dishes in this sink! It, and the faucet, are amazing. Almost my favorite part of the kitchen.... maybe.

The only thing I've found so far that doesn't totally fit in the sink is cookie sheets. They won't lay down on the bottom, but that's ok. If that's all that doesn't fit, I'm tickled pink!!

Here is a picture of my wonderful sink in use, while I was washing my biggest pot this morning:

In response to Sally's comment to this post asking for some more details on the sink -

Nope, it's not a custom made sink. It's a Kohler, and we bought it off the shelf at Lowe's last summer. I forget what the grade of the Stainless Steel is, but it is one of the highest they had on the shelf. I haven't had any trouble with it getting all spotty and ugly in the time I've been using it.
We also found out that it's probably the biggest dimensions you can put in a regular sink cabinet - Daniel actually had to modify some of the cabinet (under the counter where you can't see) in order for the sink bowls to fit. We think this sink is probably for island cabinets.

Outer dimensions: 33"x22"

Large sink (right): 17 1/2" side to side, front to back: left side approx 15", right side approx. 17"

Small sink (left): 10 1/2" side to side, front to back: left side approx. 17", right side approx. 16"

It is 8" deep.

The FAUCET (which in itself is amazing!!) is a Price Pfister, also from Lowe's about the same time we got the sink. From the base to the top of the "arch" is about 14". From the back of the faucet to the middle of the end where the water comes out is 10 1/2". The end of the faucet is 17" from the bottom of the sink, so I can fit pretty tall stuff in there! The important thing about buying a faucet for the sink is to make sure the water lands pretty much dead center in the sink. Otherwise you have water everywhere. I've heard this from 2 people now, so it must be true! I liked this faucet anyway, but it also was a big plus that the width of the arch was so much - alot more than others they had available.

I do all my dish-washing in the right sink. I could probably get by with a single bowl sink, but having the 2nd one there is handy to have. I often end up putting big things (cookie sheets, cake pans, cutting boards, cooling racks, etc) in there to dry if the dishdrainer gets full.

And about my kitchen being so clean that I can just whip out the camera anytime and take pictures... hmm. Right now there are cobwebs growing in the least-used areas of the "toe space" under the cabinets, the floor is desperately in need of a good sweeping and washing, and there is clutter on the one section of counter that just collects clutter. Otherwise, I try to keep it cleaned up. The rest of the house can be a mess, but as long as my kitchen - which is my "world" pretty much - is clean, I can handle just about anything.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! That's better than my sink! Hey, can you post a picture of your two sinks empty, plus the H-W-D measurements? It sounds awesome. Did you have to custom order it, or is it standard?

BTW, your kitchen looks great. You must keep it in good shape to be able to photograph it and not have a lot of clutter/dirt in the pictures.

Rhonda in OK said... [Reply to comment]

What a nice sink, I think it is the prettiest SS sink I have ever seen.

I always had SS sinks until we bought our house in town 6 years ago. Now, we have a fancy white procelian one, pretty but so hard to keep clean. I scrub it every day, at least once!

Your SS sink is now on my wish list.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, thanks for the editing. I just love that sink! I am all for the water hitting the middle of the sink. Especially in the bathroom, we have quite a mess most of the time.

Also, I am the same way about a clean kitchen. If it is dirty or cluttered, it is very hard for me to operate.