Friday, August 8, 2008

Goin' On a 'Coon Hunt, Gonna Catch a 'Coon

So as if squirrels eating my tomatoes and tomato plants, and voles eating the roots of my bean plants isn't enough, I noticed that some critter had destroyed a few corn stalks in the period of one night - Wednesday night. I knew this because I was in the garden Wednesday afternoon and everything looked normal.

So what likes to eat corn and yank over the corn stalks? 'Coons! Oh, I was perturbed all right! I convinced my wonderful husband that we HAD to get Mama's Hav-a-hart trap LAST NIGHT, just in case Mr. Coon came to visit the corn patch last night. I didn't want him destroying any more corn. My garden is very precious to me. I've invested lots of sweat and hard work into it, and I intend to get all I can get from it, and don't plan on donating to varmints.

So we baited the trap with an empty tuna can (we had just happened!! to have Tuna Cheesies for supper, so we had a tuna can), and Daniel put the trap in the middle of the corn rows, hoping that the rain wouldn't keep Ole Cooney away, and that we wouldn't catch the neighbor's cat like we did the last time.

So this morning Daniel leaves for work, I get some stuff done here in the house before getting dressed to go for my walk. I decided while I was on the way to the road to walk, I might as well go by the garden and see if we'd gotten anything. What to my wondering eyes should appear...

I just laughed and laughed. You see - this is not the first time we have trapped a black and white "coon"!! Our furry friend seemed to be quite into his morning nap after a night of excitement and surprise. I went ahead and took my walk, but when I got back, I grabbed the camera and my cell phone. I took a picture with my cell phone and decided it was worth the $.25 to send this message (along with the picture) to my husband: "This one's for you, Babe!! Ha ha!!". See, we had debated tying a string to the trap last night when we put it out - and of course we didn't!

This afternoon my Hero very heroically and bravely (is there a difference in those definitions?) - and carefully - placed his "previously-used-for-the-same-purpose" plastic over the cage, managed to wrap the cage with the plastic, and haul it to the back yard where Skunky was sent to hunt corn in the Happy Hunting Grounds. All this was done successfully avoiding getting "skunked". Somehow, and I don't know how, Daniel has managed to do this twice now. I'm sure if I was carrying a trapped skunk, I'd have to soak in tomato juice for a year.

Hopefully that is the end of my corn-patch raiders. Time will tell, but I hope we don't have to repeat this episode for a third time.

As you can see, my life does exist outside my kitchen :) And that not all my posts are going to be directly related to my blog title.


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

teeheehee, funny story I think!! Okey, I checked out your blog. Pretty cool! Now I need to check out Sal's. Do you want to start a blog for me??? :)

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness! So you are into deskunking too! I hope they don't get under your house, and I hope you don't get fleas. The bane and beastliness of skunks!