Thursday, August 7, 2008

So I made a menu...

So the whole idea of making a menu is to save money, right? Well, let's see - it is now Thursday, and I have made ONE meal off of my menu planned for this week. Yes, one. But that's ok. I have all the stuff I need for the two meals I haven't made so far, I can make them next week. Which also means I shouldn't have to buy anything to go along with those 2 meals since I already bought whatever I needed this week.

Monday Daniel asked me out on a date. We still like to go on dates :) He had a gift card from his boss, so we spent all of $2 and some change for a nice dinner. We don't go on as many dates as we would like to, just trying to cut down on our eating out expenses, so this was a special treat :)

Yesterday (Wednesday) we ended up helping a friend move some furniture, and I left here at 5 with the truck and met Daniel. What we thought was only going to take a little bit ended up taking alot longer. So we didn't make it to church, and were pretty hungry when we got done at 8:30. We hit Wendy's for supper, and I had a kids meal. It was just as satisfying, I wasn't over-full (like a reg. meal can be), and it was $3 cheaper than the reg. combo I would've gotten.

Yesterday I made 2 loaves of bread and canned one quart of tomato sauce that I ran through the cone mill in the afternoon. Today's plans include cleaning out the vegetable freezer and seeing what all I have in there.

I also get to see if I can rescue Daniel's work shirt! He was running the fork-lift at work and got a HUGE spot of grease on his shirt about the size of a salad plate. I put it in a dishpan with OxyClean, and poured boiling water over it. It's soaking right now, but I will probably change the water and renew the OxyClean after a bit.

The shirt is clean! Well, not 100% perfect, but not very noticeable. I soaked it a 2nd time in OxyClean/Boiling Water for a while, then I scrubbed it with my hands, and it came out! Woohoo for success! I was worried I was going to have to tell him that yet another work shirt was ruined due to some impossible-to-remove stain.