Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip for 3/4

1/2 Gal. Milk - $1.19 (Markdown)
*(3) Pints Kroger IceCream - $.49/ea.
(2) Kroger Orange Juice - $1.46/ea.
1lb. brick Kroger Butter - $1.99
*(4) Armour Meatballs - $1.44/ea. after coupon
used (4) $.55 coupons
*(3) Pepperidge Farms Garlic Bread - $.69/ea. after coupon
used (3) $.40 coupons, doubled to $.80/ea.
Kroger Pretzels - $1.99
Kroger Tomato Soup - $.47
(3) Cottonelle - $.33/ea. after coupon
used $.50 coupon, doubled to $.99
used $.50/2 coupon, doubled to $.99
Banana - $.19
18ct. Kroger Eggs - $1.99
(2) 1lb. Kroger Macaroni - FREE after coupon
used (2) "Free Pasta when you buy Armour Meatballs" coupon
Total OOP - $21.02
Total Savings - $23.58 or 53%

Food Lion
1lb. Strawberries - $2.49
Total OOP - $2.55
Total Savings - $.50 or 16%

1 head lettuce - $1.38
Total OOP - $1.41

Whole Trip OOP - $24.98
Whole Trip Savings - $24.08 or 49%

*These were part of a "buy 10 get $5 off at the register" sale. I wasn't going to initially buy the ice cream and had other items in mind, but when I got to the store and started shopping, I realized that those 3 other items were part of a SEPARATE "$5 off" sale. Bummer. I really wanted the meatballs (not only are they cheap, but I could get the free macaroni!), and so I got the ice cream to make up the 10 items. It turned out better that way, anyway, because the original 3 items I was going to get would've put me over my budget. This way I was able to get everything I wanted and still come in RIGHT under the wire! :) I'm happy.


Liz said... [Reply to comment]

What great deals! Way to stretch the budget!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, looks like some good food coming up at your house, especially with the meatballs! Yummy! I am curious about the one banana. Are you two going to split one banana, do you have a recipe that calls for one banana, or was one banana on a really great sale?

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Sally, your comments about the banana made me laugh!! The banana will be part of our chocolate fondue dessert for our anniversary dinner :) I was going to get 2, but it was going to put me over, so I just got 1 :)

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

If you lived closer, I would be begging you to come shopping with me next time. I could learn so much from you!!!