Thursday, March 26, 2009

Picture Catch-Up

Here's a bunch of pictures that I've been wanting to share but didn't take the time. I decided tonight was a good night to post them since I didn't have anything else great and profound to share :)

Remember the 8" of snow we got the beginning of March? I was very glad to have these. Good ol' knee-high Tingly rubber boots.

Here is our 5th Wedding Anniversary Meal: Meatballs, Rolls and Chocolate Fondue :) We used the Hershey's Kiss fondue pot that Rachel gave me for my birthday last year. Let's see, clockwise from the fondue: Marshmallows & Banana, Rolls, Angel Food Cake (with blue sprinkles since our wedding color was blue), Meatballs, Strawberries & Pineapple. Yummy. And a belly-ache.
In my deep cleaning, I found this: A Tupperware sandwich container holding my precious Lego pieces. Click on the picture if you can't read all the warnings that I wrote on the lid in grease marker (anybody remember those? Do they still sell them?)
Here is one of the main reasons I have sworn off ever making another wedding cake. I was up till about 1:45 in the morning making the replacement for this cracked up dude. You may notice that I was using an oven rack as a cooling rack - compare the cake size to the oven rack. It was a big cake. It took lots of flour and sugar. It was not fun to have to mix up another one.
A day later, the finale of my wedding cake making. Lucy (my sister) has agreed to cherry pies instead of cake. Shew, at least 1 less sibling that I'll end up making or helping to make their wedding cake whenever they get married.
One of the reasons I DO like the spring time change. On normal days, we have to get up before the sun rises which means I got to see this one the other day. You can't see it very well in this small picture, but there was a huge sunbeam shooting straight up from the sun ball. This is what I see out my kitchen sink window :) If we end up moving to town or the city, I will miss this view.
Here's what happens to Murphy when he comes visiting. He gets drop-kicked off the back steps. Murphy tried to move in under the guise of our water heater springing a leak (thankfully not a huge one so nothing was damaged and we didn't have to replace it RIGHT NOW). Daniel, in all of his manly testosterone-ness, wanted to drop it off the steps - and wanted pictures to capture the moment :) Please pretend you don't see all the other stuff that has been drop-kicked off the back steps. It will be gone next time you see a picture of the back door. I promise. We are in the midst of remodelling. Have some mercy. Empty boxes and storm doors have to go somewhere!
Daniel had a birthday! He helped fry the Country Fried Steak. I like it when he wears that shirt ;) I like seeing his big, manly muscles ;) It makes me feel very mushy inside.
Here is our low, low, low cholesterol birthday dinner. Salads (sorry, the color is terrible), sausage gravy, country fried steak, corn muffins, biscuits, salad dressing, honey and butter. I had a stomach ache later that night from all the grease. I wonder why. I think it was worth it, though. It was SO good.
And yet another beautiful sunrise. This one was Wednesday morning. Daniel rolled over to turn off the alarm clock and said "Miriam, you've gotta see the sunrise!". I crawled over him and looked out the window, then ran to the kitchen to take this picture. I didn't even crawl back in bed after this. I wanted to but didn't. Aren't you proud of me? I had to stay up and figure out my grocery plan. It was very important. That and pay bills.

Goodnight :) Thanks for visiting. And all you gals that have been "lurking" for the past while and recently left me your first comments? Thanks for de-lurking:) I love getting to know my readers. Any of you that are still lurking? Please feel free to de-lurk and let me know what your thoughts are. I love comments!


Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said... [Reply to comment]

Girl, you crack me up!!

I desperatly need a pair of boots like that--or just good ol' rubber boots.

I love your wedding cake making skills! I'm making a 25th anniversary cake for DH's Aunt next month--it is a recreation of their wedding cake. Now, I am a bit nervous after seeing your cracked mess.

And, thanks for throwing in there that the "low cholesterol" meal gave you a stomach ache. I was in major amounts of envy until I read that! :)

I've been enjoying the sunrises as well. God is AMAZING!

Steph- said... [Reply to comment]

I love your wedding cake. I've got a good one for you that might make you feel better. I've done cakes, too. The last wedding cake that I did was for the daughter of a couple that we used to attend church with. It was a square cake like yours but mine was covered in an olive-green fondant. Well, DH and the kids had gone on down to his parent's for the weekend and I was going to follow the next day after delivery of the cake.

I finished the cake up early (for once) and I left to go run a couple of errands real quick. My parents happened to be home with their dog for the weekend (we lived with them at the time). She has never bothered any of my cakes before and I had no reason to believe that she would this time.

I came home about and hour and a half later to the bottom corner of the cake GONE!! My mother thought it was hilarious! She wanted me to cut bake a small cake and replace the bottom corner!! Unbelievable! And no, I did NOT do that!

I had 3-1/2 hours to bake, cool, ice, fondant cover, and put icing dots all over the bottom tier of the cake!! I had to go buy another pan, some cake mixes, etc., called my neighbor to borrow her oven, and clean out the freezer enough to throw in 2 layers!

So, I can totally sympathize with you! I have gone on to make more cakes, but since we've moved I've not made any wedding cakes. I will be making my in-law's 50th wedding ann. cake later this year, but that dog will be no where around when I do!!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Steph - that is AWFUL! I think I would've just taken off the bottom tier and run far, far away. And then cried. I can't imagine doing another one in 3 1/2 hrs, but when you get into WORK REALLY FAST mode, amazing things do happen.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

This is a great post! I love the pictures! I like all your posts, but the pictures just really send them soaring up the charts.

Yeah, I love those boots too. We have some around here too, for when we need them. I don't like that they turn my white sneakers gray though.

That supper looks soooooo good! I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if you had to pay for it later.

Your kitchen looks completely wonderful. Why are you moving again? (I know, you already said.)

That is a heart-breaking cake. Here's how I get around that, or try to. If my cake is humped on the top, I cool it right-side-up. Also, I don't turn them out of the pan until the pan is cool enough to lay (and keep there) my hand on the bottom of the pan. After the cake is cooled, I get a long knife and slice off the hump. Then, I turn it up-side-down on the cardboard.

I think Steph must have rockets in her shoes to do a tier in 3 1/2 hours from start to finish! I'm surprised the dog is still alive. I would have strangled him with my bare hands!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

I just love all the pictures! Your meals look wonderful and you have such skill with cake!! I can bake a cake like nothing else... I can't decorate it to save my life though LOL.

And Steph~~ Your story sounds so frustrating but I hope you're able to look back on it and laugh now! Well, maybe? :) A little? Dogs always know how to keep things interesting!

Cate said... [Reply to comment]

What a beautiful cake! I see why you don't want to make wedding cakes anymore (the cracked pieces would be really disheartening), but you're very talented! I'll bet it tasted great, too.

Missy said... [Reply to comment]

I loved all the pictures! The cake looked great! I knew it would I laughed about the lego's my 8 year old has a serious lego addiction (they hurt when you step on them being a true Ga girl I am always barefoot!)