Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Day In the Life...

I was so excited yesterday when I realized that the frogs are singing again :) The back of our property is a little swampy when it rains alot, and behind our property it's even more swampy, and it seems to be the Chicago for frogs. I love it when they start singing :) They usually sing all summer and it's just so pretty sounding.

Last night after we got home from church I worked for a little bit in the spare bedroom and managed to find several boxes of "stuff" that could go up in the attic for temporary storage. Material, the sewing machine, a box of Hershey's tins, the trinkets from on top the piano, a box of our "papers" from when we were both kids (coloring pages, stuff that we probably should throw out, but I went through it 5/06 - yes, I marked the box - and got it down to a nice, small box of things), a box of Daniel's treasures (a key ring full of keys that who knows what they went to but it was one of his treasures as a kid, his green plastic pencil box, his first laptop...), and other random stuff.

We still don't know where things are as far as selling our house, but we are supposed to hear this week if "the guy" is interested or not. So I'm trying to get it more suitable to show him if he says "hey, can I come look?". And of course if he doesn't, then we'd put it on the market - which would mean even MORE fine, detailed cleaning, packing and "make it look good" would have to happen.

I think I'm home all day today, which will be nice. The towels and sheets that I hung on the line yesterday afternoon are still out there, and I need to start today's laundry. Tonight's supper will be taco salad, so I need to dig a pack of refried beans out of the freezer. I also need to repackage the hamburger that I bought yesterday, and freeze the milk.

Daniel's birthday is Monday, and I have his birthday dinner figured out, but I need to find out what he wants for "cake". Last year I made a Nectarine Torte or something like that. It was really good! I may ask if he wants a cobbler or pie since I have plenty of cherries and peaches on hand and it wouldn't take anything that I don't have here already.

Yesterday Daniel decided that we need a new water heater. The corner of the pantry that the water heater is in is also where Daniel's been storing all of the remodelling stuff - trim, extra drywall pieces, etc. Last weekend he found that some of the drywall (just 2 small pieces) were wet, but he couldn't find where the water heater (or the plumbing to it) was leaking. Yesterday he found that it is rusting on the top around the main "out" line. He priced a new one from both Lowe's and the supply house that his company works with, and of course the supply house is cheaper :) He called Lowe's first, and then after he hung up with them, he said "Duh, if I have connections, I might as well use them!" and called the supply house. It will save us about $40 to get from the supply house.

Well, I just finished breakfast (peaches and a slice of cinnamon toast) and I need to get moseying along. It's another pretty day today, so I'll probably open a couple windows again :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You must be getting some of that southern sunshine, because in contrast to yesterday, today is cool, cloudy, drippy, and non-sunny!

Hooray for you on the cleaning of your spare room! You can come start on my non-spare rooms any time, as you well remember from when you were here!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Sally - in the past hour the temps have dropped, the breeze has picked up and the clouds are moving in. It smells like rain is on the way, but I still plan to hang out my 2nd load of wash and let it dry until it's dry or it starts to rain.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That's funny--it got sunny here this evening. I am actually planning to go out after the kids are in bed for the night, and if I can see well enough, at least get started planting the peas. I may only get the rows made, but I will get a little bit done (hopefully!).