Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

Last night we got alot more stuff boxed up. Not up into the attic yet, but it's boxed and ready, and the room is looking better each time. I'm telling you, it looked like a major packing explosion before we started. Mostly just boxes of stuff that never got unpacked and I would go digging through from time to time to find something or other, or stuff getting chucked into the room to get it out of the way and there was no other place for it.

This morning I mixed up Homemade Chocolate Pudding before I went to Tapestry @ church to help with the childcare. I was subbing in the 3-5yr olds, and we had 4 boys and 1 girl. Wow, they were energy balls! Or maybe just boys :P Cars and trucks vrooming everywhere, running, jumping, see-sawing, talking... :) It was a good time, though. We had a good quiet time reading a pretty lengthy book about the Easter Story, and then we sang some action songs (Father Abraham), played Red Light, Green Light, then they picked out books and I read them to them until the moms came.

Daniel worked this morning and is home this afternoon. He left a bit ago to borrow his dad's lawn mower and mow our yard. We have a ton of broom-grass in our yard about a foot tall and it looks pretty messy. Our mower broke last fall and so about 1/3 of our front yard is mowed and the rest of the yard is hairy :)

I am co-teaching a coupon class this evening! Another lady in our church who has been couponing MUCH longer than I have and I are doing it together. It's the first time for both of us and we're doing it with several ladies from our Sunday School class. I haven't had or taken the time to prepare much for it, so I'll be shooting from the hip :) I'm going to talk about Kroger and she's going to talk about CVS. I hope it goes well.

Since I need to take a food item to the party tonight, I am going to make and take a chocolate torte (ETA: I'm sorry, I thought "torte" was the wrong word - I mean trufle. Thanks for bearing with me.) using the wedding cake layer that broke into pieces on me last weekend :) I froze the cake and will cut it into pieces and layer them with the chocolate pudding. And my beautiful glass torte bowl that we got as a wedding gift is of course packed in a box full of those kind of things in the attic :P And have been since we moved here :) So I'll be using a plastic bowl instead.

I am SO ready to have a place big enough to be able to enjoy our things. I know that we can't just have it handed to us on a silver platter, but I'm ready for a bigger house.

Anyway, I need to get off here and get stuff for supper out of the freezer, get the cake out of the freezer, and then get to cleaning on the house IN CASE the guy that might be interested in buying it wants to stop in this weekend to see it. He is going to call and talk to Daniel this evening and let us know if he's interested or not. I hope he's taken note of the super-low interest rates that are out there now and that he's as eager to buy as we are :P Haha!!

See ya later!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, what a great way to "recycle" that cake! I don't think I have ever made a torte like that, except with an angel food cake once years and years ago. I don't think it turned out as I expected.

Good going on the room! I can't wait to see some pictures, or come see your house, whichever comes first.

Teaching a class! Wow! I haven't even done that, not ever! I'll bet it was fun!

Happy house selling/buying!