Monday, March 2, 2009

February Review

Wow, February is over! I'm not sure where it went, but the days on the calendar just flew past.

Having been over budget several times in January (mostly due to bad coupon experiences), I knew I was going to need to be really careful in February to make sure and not go over. And I didn't :)

Total spent: $88.86 (averages out to $22.22/week), $11.14 under budget.

While I'm really happy that I didn't go over budget in February, I'm also hoping that March will be a little nicer to the pocketbook (meaning: hoping Daniel's company will have more work). It's looking like we'll have to dip into our Emergency Fund to help pay the next round of bills :( That's what the Emergency Fund is for, but it's one of those things that you want it there for when you need it but you don't want to touch it. I'm sure it's a mental thing that "if I dip into it once, it'll all be gone in a *POOF*." And of course it won't all be gone in one poof :P


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Way to go on staying under budget! Praise the Lord you have an Emergency Fund!