Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not

Today on my list of things to do (my list for each day is the same every week) was "Clean the frige". Usually this means pull out the stuff a shelf at a time and wipe it down, sort through what's in there, and put it back. It's always a good reminder to me of what's running out or in there that I can use in a meal.

Today I finally got around to it after supper, and I was embarrassed at how much bad food I had to put in the slop bucket. Green beans, mashed potatoes, peas, and part of a pork roast were a few of the things. I felt so wasteful. Those are all things that I should either eat for lunch, or incorporate into another dinner. And I didn't. Oh well. Tomorrow's a new day with no mistakes in it. (Tell me, tell me! What movie is that from???)

I have started to do things a bit differently with cooking vegetables, though. Instead of cooking the whole quart Ziploc bag full of whatever, I cook 1/2 of it. That's pretty much what we eat in one meal, and MOST meals I only cook enough for 1 meal anyway, unless it's a casserole. There are exceptions, of course. Like tomorrow I'll make spaghetti, and it'll be enough for 2 meals, but I have leftovers planned for 1 dinner. Maybe I just need to plan "clean the frige" meals once a week :P

Yesterday Daniel hung the 2nd pantry door (there is one door between the pantry & hallway, and another door between the pantry & kitchen), and it was so nice to be able to close the pantry when the washer was running and have it be relatively quiet :) I could actually listen to the Dave Ramsey Show online with the computer sitting on the dining room table and I didn't have to drag it around with me to wherever I was working for the time.

Yesterday and today, with it being cloudy and wet outside, instead of running the dryer, I hung the laundry on the drying rack to dry. I've done it a couple times before and it takes pretty much most of the day for the clothes to dry - depending on what the items are. Yesterday it was Daniel's jeans - a few of them were still damp this morning in the pockets, so I laid them on the bed to finish drying. Today was Daniel's whites. I have 2 door-hangy thingies that you can fold out and they hold 9 hangers each. I hang his t-shirts and work shirts on hangers and hang them to dry, and then his socks and undies get draped on the drying rack. Surprisingly, even with the shirts hanging somewhat close together, they are dry by late evening and I can fold and put them away. The undies and socks take a little longer since they are thicker material, but they'll probably be dry by the time I go to bed and I'll put them away then.

I don't HAVE to do this, but I'm really trying to not use the dryer to keep our electric bill from being sky high.

Anyway, that's my rambling for the day :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That "no mistakes in it" is from Anne of Green Gables! Now, I'm going to read the rest of your post! I can't believe I knew the answer to a movie question!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Here's a thought. If I have leftovers that aren't planned into another meal that week, I immediately put them in the freezer. Then, when I am planning future menus, I know what is in the freezer and can use it in the meals. Also, you could use leftover frozen veggies, after you accumulate a few, to make a small pot of vegetable soup. (Small bits of meat could go in it too.) Also, leftover mashed potatoes can be made into fried potato cakes, bread dough (if it's not too much of them), or to thicken some soups, like split pea soup, ham 'n' green beans, etc. They can be used in the two latter things even after being in the freezer. That's just a little unsolicited advice. I too get disturbed when I have to throw out what was once perfectly good leftovers. But, with my meal planning and immediate freezing methods, I find I am doing that much less.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I enjoyed reading that you are trying not to use your dryer. I also have been not using my dryer. I've been working really hard at it - living in Mid Missouri. I work 30 minutes from home every day and every night (if the weather the following day is over 33 degrees), I bundle up - gloves and all and hang out all my lines full of laundry. Then when I come home the next day after work, I take them off and put them away. Lots of work but I was THRILLED to see that I cut my electric bill in HALF! I expected to save a small amount (or not even be able to tell) but if it makes THAT much difference, I'm doing it. Plus they smell SO GOOD! I hadn't thought of getting a drying rack. I enjoy your blogs!!! Keep up the good work!