Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calling All Bloggy Friends

I'm probably going to end up thinking out loud here, so consider this a warning. Count yourself a true bloggy friend if you don't get bored outa your gourd and stop reading before the end :P

So it's kinda official. We want to sell our house and move. You probably wonder "where?".

I'd love to move to Elizabeth's town and let her "drag" me to the stores with her. And I could go hang out with her when there's 3' of snow on the ground and it's going to snow some more.

I think it would be a ton of fun to move to Washington and live close to Gayle and Emily. We'd become best buds, and if I ever needed a cup of sugar, I'm sure they'd let me raid their stash. And I could get in on all of Emily's really cool homeschooling science experiments!! I hated science, but her experiments make it look fun!

Or we might just move out to Oklahoma and figure out a way to hang out at Ree's place where I could watch her cook and be her photographer and use her really cool camera.

I'd love to hang out with Liz or Sarah, but Sarah's new hobby/job might make it a little cramped. And speaking of Liz, look at what she gave me the other day!!

Ain't it cute??

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... Soooo.... since it's not really a good time for Daniel to be switching jobs, we're gonna just stick around here. Two things (that might become 3 or 4 or 5 or...) that we really want: More house and less debt. No debt would be amazing! Yeah, I thought there might be a third thing come up. 3: We don't really want to have two mortgages going at the same time (I think Dave Ramsey would scowl at us). Which means we need to have a contract on this place before we put a contract on another place.

It's kinda stumping to me how that will work out... but I know God can work it out. It stumps me because I feel like if we get a contract on this place, then we'll be under pressure to find a place to move, and neither one of us wants to move under "have to" pressure.

Now on to the cool part. We found a house. We really, really, really like it. It meets 99% of the "requirements" list that we made. The 1% that it doesn't have? 100 acres :P It's on 1 1/2 acres, which is still big enough that you don't feel all crammed up. The un-cool thing about the cool thing is that we don't know if we'll be able to get it or not. There's a couple things we need to find out about the place for sure (read: it's a very, VERY old house and we want to make sure the septic business works). And we don't have a buyer for our place. An acquaintance expressed interest a while ago, and we're hoping to find out soon if he really is interested.

So... can I get you guys to pray with us about this? We have our wants and then we also try to keep in mind that this could NOT be the place for us. And what if everything keeps checking out for the "new" (old) house, but we still don't have a buyer for ours? Basically we're praying that God will open or close doors as is His will for us, and that we'll be able to see it all clearly and accept whatever His will is... but we always add a P.S. that sounds something like "but we really do like this house and think we want it!!"

And the whole job thing that I've been hashing around for the past several weeks? Thanks 100% for all the comments y'all have left me. They've been great "thinking" material and I really appreciate you guys caring! In general, y'all keep giving me the same advice: Do what makes you happy. That's the nutshell version :P Sooooo... I think I'm just gonna keep on hangin' out here on the farm (LOL, it's a far cry from a farm!) cookin' and cleanin' and bakin' and bloggin' :D And trying to keep the "what-if-itis" at bay. Ya know, that's one thing that I have trouble with in making this decision... all the "what if's". But ya know (Sorry, y'all, I keep saying "y'all" and "ya" - I just gotta keep up my country-woman twang here. You know "y'all" is really pronounced "yaaawwwwllll"), if something does come up and it's totally obvious that I need to go make a little money? I can always do it then. In the meantime I need to get off here and get started on MY LAST WEDDING CAKE!! I told Daniel last night that I can NOT wait for Monday, because on Monday I will NEVER had to make a WEDDING CAKE again!!!!!!!!!!! (Just watch - one of my sisters will want me to make their wedding cake. ha ha) And you know what I plan to start doing next week? Packing. Yup. If I want God to send the rain, I'd best get ready for the rain. I forget where I heard that little ditty from, but it's basically the idea of "If you want God to do X, then be prepared for X!"

Oh, and I need to pass on the award, huh? Let's see...

Elizabeth. I know Liz gave it to you, too, but I love reading your posts about your small town life :)

Gayle and Emily. Y'all are Mom Role-Models! I want to be a cool mom like you when we have kids. Especially if it means I'd get to eat chocolate.

Sarah. You're a nut. Your blog makes me laugh almost every time I read a new post.

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The End.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you!!! :) You're so sweet. I don't mind being double whammied at all :) And yes, move here! Move here! Teach me to shop!!!

Good luck with getting everything in order to be ABLE to move. It's not easy in today's economy but God's there to help if this is the right decision!

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you! that was such a sweet surprise. I am thinking of detoxing from the internet for awhile...maybe only a few days, but it suchs me in...ya know?

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I must read this post in its entirety, hopefully soon. But right now my young prowlers are on the loose, so I am just doing a quick-check on folks! Looking forward to later!

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

I will absolutely pray for you guys. God will work something out for you without a doubt!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I read your whole post this afternoon, after the kids were in their beds. Sounds like, well, sounds like you're going to be walking with the Lord! That's what it sounds like. As He unfolds this thing, you're going to step forward. I'll be praying for you all as you look for the stepping stones, and for patience as you wait for each one to appear.