Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - March 9, 2009

For Today, Monday March 9, 2009
Outside my window... The sun isn't up yet, but the birdies are singing!! Since the living room windows are open, I can hear them quite well :) It is a beautiful morning, about 67°.
I am thinking... I got to thinking last week that "Murphy" seems to be trying to "sneak into the spare bedroom" (Dave Ramsey line if you're totally in the dark. Referring to "Murphy's Law"). The dog ran out of dog food. Daniel's truck needs inspected. AND new tags. My car got another ping in the windshield that turned into a crack when it was super cold one night. The auto insurance bill came in the mail. Sorry, Murphy, we're gonna kick your butt and not let you in!!! On a more serious note, I'm also thinking and praying for the neighbor family we had growing up (and who are still neighbors to the family farm). The mom passed away the other night having lived a wonderful, long life. They had LOTS of kids (15??), so there's LOTS of aching hearts right now.
I am thankful for... I have been thinking about this more and more lately, how thankful I am that Daniel's boss (and the company owner) is a Christian.
From the kitchen... I need to do some serious cleaning in there today. I have a wedding cake to make this week, and I need to really get the place spic and span before I start.
I am wearing... Why is this always one of the questions? My bathrobe.
I am going... To MOPS later on this morning. That's why I'm not dressed yet. On my way home I'm going to stop by the feed store and check out a possible lead for a little work this spring. I'll be sure and let you know if anything comes from it. We're thinking and praying about it.
I am reading... I want to start reading Titus this week.
I am hoping... That Daniel's company has as much work this week as they did last week. That Murphy will stop knocking. That the wedding cake process goes super duper smooth (Yay, this is my LAST wedding cake!). That MOPS goes well this morning. That I can totally stay on top of my daily to-do lists this week. That... that... that.... too many things to list.
I am creating... My daily goal is to be continually creating a peaceful, restful, welcoming home for my husband and all who may enter. Sometimes it doesn't look like it and I don't feel like it, but that's my overall goal each day.
I am hearing... "It Is Finished" on the radio. Just a few songs ago they were playing "Beyond the Cross". It is getting closer to Easter.
Around the house... I dread opening the washing machine. There is some laundry in there that never got dealt with beyond being washed. And that was a few days ago. (See the end of "I am creating...").
A few plans for the rest of the week... Survive making my last wedding cake. And keep on top of the house work at the same time. Survive making my last wedding cake. And it turn out good and not have any goofs or rocks thrown in the process wheel. Survive making my last wedding cake. Hoping that it's not a stressful experience. Survive... Survive... did somebody mention stress? Who, ME?! There is a reason for the emphasis on "last".
One of my favorite things... Combined with A picture thought I am sharing with you...
Daniel's hands. I love them :) They are so big and yet my
smaller hands fit inside them perfectly :)
These hands work very hard for me every day.
They are so strong and yet they can play
beautiful music on either the piano or guitar.
And they belong to my HUSBAND!!
And we just celebrated our 5th Anniversary on Friday :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Ahh, yes, creating a restful, peaceful home for your husband and all who enter therein. One of my goals too, even though there are times when you wouldn't know it. It has to do with attitude, it just has to! Agree with me, folks! It can't depend just on the floor being clean, or the counters clear, or the bathroom scrubbed. Because, if so, everyone who has infants & toddlers would never have a peaceful home. So, develop the right attitudes, and it will go a long way to a peaceful home. The right attitude in spite of the endless to-do list! I'm still working on the right attitude. It has a problem of turning into the wrong attitude when my house isn't how I want it, and yet, I can't get it how I want it (or make it stay that way). So, I work on adjusting my attitude. May God be merciful.

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

I agree about creating a home that is peaceful and restful because I think that improves the attitude (along with having a good attitude like your sister said). I feel so much more productive when everything is neat and where it is suppose to be.

Nice picture...he's sharpening his chainsaw chain. Looks like he got stuck : )

PS-Have fun with the cake!!!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Meghan - actually, he didn't get the chainsaw stuck. He made that cut to hold the saw while he sharpened it :)