Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deals for the Week of 3/8/09

Edited areas marked **.

I'm sorry this is a little later than usual! A good friend of ours passed away Saturday, and there was visitation/viewing Mon, Tue & Wed from 2-8. We really wanted to make it to one of them, and were hoping that Daniel would get off work in time one day to do that. And yesterday he did - just barely. It was a 4-hour round trip, so on the way (since it was still daylight) I clipped Sunday's coupon!! I'm sure that people passing us on I64 thought I was nuts. I had coupons spread all over the dash and was chopping away with my scissors :P

Kroger is having another $5 Rewards Week when you buy 10 participating items!! I love these sales! Remember that you can have up to 3 rewards per transaction, so if you are going to buy more than 30 participating items, you can do it in 2 transactions. And remember to stick to your budget! :) That's the hard thing for me to do when these sales go on.

Here are the decent - great deals I see in the Kroger sale-paper for this week. I don't post all of the sales/coupon matches since I don't consider everything to be a "deal". Sale prices may vary by region.I base my prices off of the Central Va. sales fliers.Our Kroger doubles coupons up to and including $.50, but it does vary by region. Contact your local store to learn their coupon policies.

Items included in the $5 Reward when you buy 10 items are marked (WYB 10), and the prices that I list are AFTER the $5 rewards ($.50/item). Remember that it doesn't have to be 10 of the same item - you can mix and match the participating items.

Ken's Salad Dressings:
- 16oz. Bottle - $1.49 (WYB 10)
Buy 2, use $1/2 coupon = $1.00/ea. Final Price
- 7oz. Lite Accents Spray - $1.49 (WYB 10)
use $1.00 coupon = $.49 Final Price

Doritos, Select Varieties 11.75-12.5oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
Lay's Kettle Chips, Select Varieties, 8.5-9oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels, Select Varieties, 10-16oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
no coupons, but this is a decent deal for name brand - Kroger brand "Doritos" run $1.89/bag

Pepperidge Farm Baked Goods, Frozen, Select Varieties, 9.5-19.6oz - $1.49 (WYB 10)
use $.40 coupon, doubles to $.80 = $.69 Final Price

Country Crock Margarine Spread, Select Varieties, 10-15oz - $.99 (WYB 10)
use $.25 coupon, doubles to $.50 = $.49 Final Price

Nature Valley Bars, Select Varieties, 5.3-8.9oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
use $.50 coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $.99 Final Price

Fiber One or Cereal Bars, Select Varieties, 5.3-8.9oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
use $.50 coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $.99 Final Price

**Sargento Cheese Shredded & Slices, Select Varieties, 6.6-8oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
buy 2 shredded, use $.50/2 (shredded) coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $1.49/ea Final Price
use $.50/1 (Artisan or Specialty Blends) coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $.99/ea Final Price
The Artisan/Specialty Blends weren't pictured or mentioned in the ad, so I didn't want to list the coupon as a "deal" and then those cheeses not be on sale! I was so happy to see that they were! $.99 for 8oz of cheese is a REALLY good deal! Usually 8oz of cheese goes on sale for $1.67.

Kellog's Cereal, Select Varieties, 8.5-18oz - $1.99 (WYB 10)
use $.70 (any kind) coupon = $1.29 Final Price
use $1.00 IPQ here = $.99 Final Price

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Select Varieties, 4.5-9oz - $1.49 (WYB 10)
use $.50 (Fruit Stickerz) coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $.49 Final Price
use $.50/2 (any) coupon, doubles to $1.00 = $.99/ea Final Price

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, Select Varieties, 4.6-7.2oz - $.99 (WYB 10)
use $.40 coupon here, doubles to $.80 = $.19 Final Price

Colgate Toothpaste 6.4oz or Toothbrushes, Select Varieties - $1.00 (WYB 10)
use $.75 (toothpaste) coupon = $.25 Final Price
use $.75 (toothbrush) coupon = $.25 Final Price

Tylenol Extra Strength, Select Varieties, 20-24ct - $2.50 (WYB 10)
use $1.00 coupon = $1.50 Final Price

Johnson & Johnson Baby Care, Select Varieties, 2-15oz - $2.50 (WYB 10)
use $1.00 coupon = $1.50 Final Price

Diet Pepsi or Pepsi, 12pk 12oz Cans - 4/$11 or $2.75/ea
Note: You don't have to buy 4 to get this price

Tyson Split Chicken Breasts - $.99/lb

Kroger 1/2 Gallon Milk - $1.25
Note: They mark down the 1/2 gals to $1.19 if you're not afraid of markdowns and can find some

Red, Ripe Strawberries, 16oz - $2.00

Ripe, Sweet Cantaloupe - $1.00/ea.

Kroger value Onions, 3lb bag - $1.99

Fresh Green Cabbage - $.45/lb

Cameo & Golden Delicious Apples - $1.00/lb

White Seedless Grapes - $1.00/lb

Kroger Value Red Delicious Apples, 3lb bag - $3.00

Sweet Gala or McIntosh Apples, 3lb bag - $2.99

Sweet Bartlett Pears - $1.00/lb

Hopefully I won't have to come back and edit anything that I typed in totally wrong or that I missed the deal! Happy Shopping!

I'd love to hear how your shopping trip goes if you use this list as a general guide! And of course, let me know if you find a great deal out there that I don't have up.


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My prayers go out to you in your time of mourning!! So sorry.

And, I still wish I could drag you to the store with me.