Friday, May 1, 2009

Will It Work?

I had one of these on my "Big Items Want List" for about as long as Daniel and I have been married. I got one for Christmas last year.

If I put one of these on my list, I wonder how long it will take to get one?

Seriously, we're workin' on year 5 of not having a decently working lawn mower. And no ones fault but our own tight-wadded stingyness - on both our parts. There have been times when I've begged and pleaded and gotten on my knees and kissed his feet wanting to go spend money on a "new" mower. And he's always said "but I can fix the one we have". And he does. And it works... a little better... for a little while. And we've saved money.

This year... I ... I ... I just want one that works!! We have our tax refund coming in sometime, I think I might just present it to the committee that we use it for a late model lawn mower and give up on all the 25-year-old ones. They're probably not energy efficient anyway.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

LOL! Good luck! :) It can be so frustrating when our darling husbands want to just fix what we have (over and over and over again) instead of buying something that works. But at the same time, it's adorable and sweet of them too :)

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Do you dream in real things, or what? I hope you get something worked out (no pun intended!).

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Mini, We the same thing for the 1st 4 yrs we were married. Than we finally went out and bought a brand new John Deere riding mower and it has been great for the last almost 5 yrs. Linden just commented the other day that it was a wise thing to do. I love having a mower that runs and works and I give it a real work out sometimes too!!!!

Judi B said... [Reply to comment]

Their definitely not minimizing the energy you expend! Good luck with that. When the time is right you'll know. You'll have the money you saved and you'll both be willing to do it.