Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Grocery Game

Early last week the curiosity got the best of me. I have several blogs that I follow faithfully for grocery store deals. I get great information from them and love how much I save using their sale/coupon match ups.

But I kept hearing great things about The Grocery Game, too. I wasn't sure how different it could be from the blogs that I follow, but I decided that for $1 I would try it. And if I didn't like it I could always cancel my subscription.

I am still very new to TGG (as it's called), but so far I have really liked it. Since for my trial period I can sign up for as many stores as are in my area, I am getting lists for Kroger, Food Lion and CVS.

In the 1 1/2 weeks that I've been using TGG here's what I've learned:

The store lists that get posted each week are lists of advertised and UNadvertised sales, along with coupon matches.

TGG also tracks sales cycles and rock-bottom prices. The idea of using TGG is the same as other couponers: Stock up when it's low so you don't have to buy things at full price. One of my problems is knowing "is this the lowest price??" The list does it all for me :) Each list is color coded with the items in either black, blue or green.

~Black items are on sale, but only buy them if you need them.
~Blue items are on sale at the lowest prices for that store - it's time to stock up! Coupons sweeten the deal :)
~Green items, my favorite, are FREE when you combine the sale and coupon.

So far, there have been several things on the lists that I wouldn't know about unless I went looking in the store... and my goal isn't to spend hours in the store but to get in, get my stuff and get out.

Like I said, this is only my second week, but I've already scored some really great deals :) I'm not sure that I will keep all 3 stores after my trial period. After my trial period is over, it costs $10 for 8 weeks ($1.25/week) for the 1st store and $5 for each store that I subscribe to after that. I know I want to keep Kroger for sure, I'll have to wait and decide about the other two.

As I learn more, I'll share more.... just not my lists :P

If you want to sign up for The Grocery Game, please let me know. I'll give you my reference information so that you can put me in as having referred you. For every so many referrals I give, I get free weeks of TGG :D

Here is Teri Gault, founder of The Grocery Game, explaining how it works:
What is The Grocery Game?


Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

I played the grocery game a year and a half ago and I played for about for about 6 months. It is a great way to stock pile which I did and I have even shared my stockpile many times over. I would say you do really well on your own based on your posts of the deals you get. I haven't been to CVS in months-I can't remember. I would say it almost became an obsession of seeing what can I get this week with my ECBs or at the grocery store. Don't get me wrong I had a great time GGing but I could not do it for a long period of time. I hope you have a spot for your stockpile : )

PS-You can't beat the trial period!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Meghan - one thing that it seems a lot of GG'ers do is to buy extra coupons for the items on sale and then buy 20 tubes of toothpaste, or 15 bottles of shampoo, or 30 boxes Mac'n'Cheese... I may be speaking prematurely, but I don't think I'll do any of those things. And if I did I would do it so that I could give it to my family. I don't plan to buy extra (single) coupons, just use what I can get my hands on from other people :P

And I can only do so much with $25/week ;)

Leighann said... [Reply to comment]


I have been doing TGG for abut 4 months. I also love it, mostly because of the color-coding and the unadvertised specials that are included. But, I sometimes find deals the grocery game doesn't. She doesn't post All You Magazine coupons or some internet coupons. I rely on bloggers for those. So, I use a combination of TGG and the awesome bloggers like you! I get the lists for Kroger, Food Lion, CVS and Walgreens. The only problem I have with Kroger and Food Lion is the list comes out several days after the ad, so the great deal items are sometimes sold out.

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Leighann, I've only gotten the All You magazine a time or two, so TGG not listing those coupons is ok for me :P For the IPQ's, if it's something that's a great deal and I don't have the coupon, I go to either HotCouponWorld or AFullCup to see if there are IPQ's. This week was great b/c I was able to find IPQ's for the cereal deal :) I had 2 reg. Q's but was using them for my MIL. Another thing that I've found, too, is that occasionally a coupon will be a different value. Like they will have it as $1 and mine will be for $.75 or something like that.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like you are really getting this thing figured out. I hope it works well for you, if that's what you want to do. You sure know how to stretch a dollar!

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Miriam, This sounds really interesting, I'll have to check it out! I stumbled accross your blog a few days ago and really like it. Thanks for sharing!