Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There are so many things I want to blog about...

The sibling party with all my siblings but one of my sisters on Thursday of last week... Laura is on a missions trip. Poor Julia ended up helping her husband with hay the whole day so wasn't able to join in on all the fun until the very end. She was so kind to let us barge into her house for our party while she was out working. We ended up having our first annual Sibling Party Summer Olympics, complete with heavy-weight lifting (picking each other up), foot-races (I think it was mostly Glen & Rachel), and then for the finale, 7 of us plus my nephew (3 y.o.) played leap-frog across Julia's big yard and back. It was also decided that we will have our Annual Winter Olympics at our New Year's get together. It will be fun to see what we do then.

That night my youngest brother, Glen (11), came home with me for several days. Mom, Katie & Luke are attending a school convention out of state for all of this week, so I offered for Glen to come hang out here instead of being shuffled around among the other sisters who are closer by. We've had alot of fun and lazy times so far, but have done our share of work, too.

Yesterday (Memorial Day) we stayed home. Glen had been wanting to mow our yard with our lawn mower, so I showed him the gist of things and let him go at it. He enjoyed it except for all the bugs. Yesterday was a buggy day. Daniel worked all afternoon at some digging, and then in the evening we transplanted 2 maple trees that were growing too close to the cellar out to the front yard where we'd tried to transplant some a couple years ago but they never survived. These are older and bigger, so hopefully they will make it with faithful watering from us!

Today Glen and I ran some errands and then went and picked about 8lbs. of strawberries. When we got home, I made pizzas and he made a shortcake. He opted for ice cream and oreos (that he'd gotten) for dessert, I went after shortcake, strawberries and ice cream!!

Tomorrow I plan to show him the ropes of serious couponing :) We made a couple stops today, and the first stop didn't impress him too much. The second stop got him more excited, and me too!!

Daniel and I went for a walk tonight, it has been a very nice day today. Cloudy and breezy. While we were walking it was lightly misting, which was refreshing. Now I'm sitting here working on my shopping lists for tomorrow. I soon need to quit for tonight and finish it in the morning.

Last night we stayed up late watching Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (Kevin Costner) and it was 1am till we got to bed. I need to get to bed earlier tonight (heh heh, it's 12:07!).

But I wanted to do some blogging today, so I did :)


Missy said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like yall had a great time! I have siblings that havent talked in 9 years (huge family feud) I wish we could all act like kids again OH maybe not we would fight(phyisically) a lot when we were kids too!