Monday, May 11, 2009

A Visit in Pictures

This past Thursday evening my 2 oldest sisters, Gail & Sally, along with their small fry, Bobby (Gail's) and Paul & Hannah (Sally's) came for an overnight visit :)

Grandma was going to come, too, but ended up deciding that she wasn't up for the ride Thursday morning. We missed her but still had plenty of fun!!

After going to bed late and getting up early - for the kids, anyway - we had breakfast and then spent quite a while outside in the morning. Bobby had packed his own bag with a nice selection of farm toys that he and Paul had fun playing with in our sand pile.

Gail, Bobby & Paul
While they played in the sand, Gail, Sally and I took turns entertaining Hannah and keeping her out of the sand. She loved going up and down the back steps :)

Sally & Hannah


After lunch it was soon nap-time for 3 very tired little people :) Since Paul and Hannah have different lengths of nap-time, we managed to squeeze Hannah's Pak'n'Play into the laundry room, and Paul slept on the guest bed in the guest room. Bobby is used to enough noise that he took his nap on the sofa.

Some after-nap pictures:

Gail and Bobby
Hannah on her little potty.

Paul playing with toys while I get supper.

Hannah waiting for supper.
(can she get any cuter??!!)

After supper they loaded everything and everyone up and headed back home. It was such a great visit! I was really glad that we managed to fit everyone here for the night. If Grandma had come, she would've slept in our guest room and the rest of them would've spent the night at Daniel's parents house which is just a few miles from us. Since Grandma wasn't here, we could squish and squeeze and make everyone fit :)


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

sounds like tons of FUN!!!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Paul had the GREATEST time in that sand. The next morning, here at home, I discovered a bunch in his undies! Poor guy! I guess fun has a price. Thanks for the great visit and for all the wonderful food! That fresh bread just doesn't get any better. (I ate a slice of my own this afternoon while it was still warm!) I'll recommend your hotel and restaurant to anyone. You can list me as a referral contact on your ad in the magazine. (haha!)