Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grocery Stockup

Wow. I did pretty good this week! We're stocked up on cereal, bbq sauce and mayo for awhile :)

Here's the breakdown:

Food Lion
4 Kraft BBQ Sauce (BIG bottles!)
3 Mayo
2 Choc. Chips
5 GrillMates
5 lbs. Potatoes

Milk - Manager's Special :)
Orange Juice - this is yummy stuff and when it's on sale it's cheaper per gal. than concentrate :)
2 Corn Pops
2 Frosted Flakes
1 Mini-Wheats
Kitten Chow*
2 VitaminWater10 (thought it was free, ended up being $.50/ea - what I get for not paying attention)

Bread Flour :)

Before Sales/Coupons: $69.17
Total OOP: $24.75
Saved: $44.42 or 64%
I had coupons for everything but the produce, dairy and flour.

*So last week I got cat food, too, and a couple people wondered what I was doing with cat food since we don't have any cats. My original plan was to find somebody to give it to that had cats. The cat food was free, why not get it (he he, it helps my savings, too :P )?? Daniel had an even better idea... just mix it in with Rascal's dog food. Hmm... I like that idea. Stretching our dog food with free cat food. We only do a little bit at a time and so far he's not meowing or purring or anything. He's a dog... he would eat human food if we let him, so I'm not worried about feeding him cat food. I can understand that straight cat food for a length of time might not be the best for him, but a little bit watered down with his reg. dog food shouldn't hurt him at all.

Is anybody missing the prices? It takes a little more time to list the items with the prices so it's a bit easier to not list them. I think last week I didn't even list all of the items. I'm just wondering if my faithful readers have a preference :) You're the ones reading, not me :P


Cate said... [Reply to comment]

I miss the prices!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Me too!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have to say I miss the prices too. But i can understand if it's too much!