Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekly Penny-Squeeze

This week's shopping trip was pretty exciting :) Check it out.


I started out with $4.99 in Extra Care Bucks
Daniel said yesterday that he was almost out of Zyrtec (CVS brand). Thanks to having to buy more, I was really able to do some great ECB rollin'.

2 Fluoride Rinse
1 Shampoo
2 Palmolive
1 Intuition Plus Razor
2 Crest
1 pkg. Band Aids
Zyrtec ($18.99 before coupon & ECB that I used on it)

Total OOP: $13.83*
Total Saved: $43.91 or 76% ($57.74 before savings)
Ended up with $7.00 in ECB's in the end :)
*really only $3.83 for everything but the Zyrtec

I had coupons for everything but Lays, Parmesan Cheese & the Sugar Peas.

2 Pringles
1 Lays
3 Kitten Chow
4 Yogurt
ETA: I meant to put this in originally, but the yogurt was a markdown + coupon = almost free!
1 Sour Cream
1 Parmesan Cheese
1 Sugar Peas
4 Deodorant
2 Handsoap

Total OOP: $12.13
Total Saved: $19.94 or 62% ($32.07 before savings)

Whole Trip OOP: $25.96*
Whole Trip Savings: $63.85 or 71%
*only $15.96 will come out of the grocery budget


Ann said... [Reply to comment]

I find it interesting that you take the razors, toothpaste, hand soap, deodorant, and even cat food out of your monthly grocery budget! (I am assuming that you were not counting the Zyrtec.) I always lump those type of purchases under household items or personal care items. You did a great job with your "penny-squeeze" this week!

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome for you!!! What great bargains!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

LOL, I can see why that would look kinda weird :P The cat food is only in there b/c it was free (I'll donate it. Dog food does NOT come out of the grocery budget!), and the toiletry items... well, I've just always considered them "groceries". In my pre-couponing days we bought those things so rarely just b/c that stuff lasts a long time that it wasn't a big deal. Now I get the stuff for so little that it's not a big deal :P We don't really have a budget for those things, so it all goes under groceries anyway. The Zyrtec will come out of our "medical" budget, though.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Haha! I was wondering if you were going to feed Rascal the cat food (would it make him meow instead of woof?). Would he eat it? Anyway, it looks like you did really well!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I was going to ask what you do with the cat food too! Haha! I think everyone else has already asked and you've answered the question.