Saturday, April 25, 2009


This week has been crazy, nothing normal at all.

Thursday the lady came and looked at the house. Yesterday she called Daniel and said that she and her husband had talked about it, and while she really liked the house, it wasn't big enough. Bummer. I got kinda down in the dumps and then had to back up and realize that our For Sale sign hasn't even been up 1 week yet. And a good thing about her having come is that it did kick me in the rear to really and seriously clean the place up and seriously start packing stuff up.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my MIL and 2 nephews (7 & 5). We went to JCPenny to get their pictures done, went to Shoney's for lunch and then to the Children's Museum for the afternoon. Mama and I were pooped! We kept looking at each other like "can we go home yet?!". Time c.r.a.w.l.e.d. in the place. And the noisy din ... well, I got used to it after awhile, but I was sure ready for peace and quiet till we left! I think we got there around 12:30 and left sometime after 3. The boys had a blast, though!! I think they're favorites were the apple tree and the water thingy. Finally we took them to the outside exhibit, which is basically a giant sandbox with sand toys in it. It was completely fenced and the doors to go back inside were behind us, so Mama and I pulled some chairs under one of the trees and crashed while they played.

After we got home, Daniel said he wanted to go have supper with his parents since he hadn't gotten to see the boys yet, so I mixed up a batch of hotdog buns on fast forward and took them over. We'd stopped at the store for Mama to get hotdog stuff and she'd asked if we were going to eat supper with them. Thinking that I was about burnt out, that I need to keep packing and that Daniel probably wanted to hang a door or work on trim, I said "no". Ha ha. It was much easier having 4 adults to look after the kids instead of just 2!! And there waren't nearly the distractions and attractions, either :) We had a good picnic supper and then Daniel and Daddy played the guitar for a while. I dozed off on the couch and we came home. I declared that I was going to crawl in bed and Daniel reminded me that I would be missing a new Numb3rs episode, so I stayed up. And ended up staying up LATE because of course he started flipping channels and so on. But I kinda dozed through that part.

Daniel is on call this weekend (the first hot weekend this year) and got a page last night about 11:00 that he went on this morning and he'd gotten another page this morning to go on as well. I haven't heard from him, but we're both tickled pink for the work!! He has worked EVERY day this week!! He did go in a little late or come home a little early each day, but YIPPEE!!! I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but it would be so nice if things would start to turn around for the year. Even if business took a while to be booming again, it would be great if he could at least have something to do every day!!

Yesterday while we were out we picked up a bunch of boxes from the grocery store. After spending the morning hanging out on the computer and paying bills and blogging and whatnot, I plan to pack up my Country Cousins and finish packing the clothes that we don't need. Depending on how far I get, I would like to even pack up my good dishes, too. I think I have enough boxes and newspaper to do that.

I also spent some time looking over OAMM's April Menu's recipes and think I will try 5 of them for my first OAMC experience. I will have to wait until the beginning of May to do it, though, because there's a few ingredients I don't have and I only have $5 to go through the end of April! I am also planning to give their May Menu a try when it comes out. I probably won't make every recipe, and I'm almost sure I'll probably only make about 1/4 of the quantity, depending on how much the recipe makes, of course. I'll be sure and let you know how it goes :)


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Have fun packing! I absolutely love doing it because you get to figure out what you really need and weed through the things you don't. It's such a wonderful severe spring cleaning :)

And good luck selling the house! I'll pray that his business stays on the up and up and that you both can find peace in an economy so yucky.

And I LOVE children's museums!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Ahhh, uhhhh, what do I say? First, I'm so glad you all had the two boys, that way we just had the two girls. Things went well on our end, and it was a reasonable amount of work. However, I had things all set to do very little cooking, so we had it fairly easy.

Sorry your house didn't sell on the first showing, but I'll bet that's normal!