Thursday, April 23, 2009

Showing #1 - Check

I think out house showing went pretty good. It was our first time, of course, so we were kinda "shooting from the hip", but the lady seemed to like it. She took some pictures to show to her husband and wondered about possibly coming back on Sunday so he can see it!

I didn't get anything done in either bedroom, though. They are both pretty messy. We were just getting ready to set up the bed when she showed up 10 minutes before 6. I was still in my sweatpants, so I sent Daniel out to "meet & greet" while I tore into some jeans - hair still unbrushed. Oh well, the house is for sale, not me :P

So... that's that! They are currently renting and they would qualify for the first-time homebuyers tax credit, so I'm hoping that the combination of the two make them want this place even more.

Right now I'm about exausted and I'm spending several hours with my MIL and 2 nephews tomorrow, and I'm still trying to kick this cold, so I think I may just go to bed.



Valerie said... [Reply to comment]

You deserve some much needed rest. I hope the house sells if that is what you want. Good luck.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I hope it all goes really well. Maybe on Sunday you should have some sort of good food cooking to make the place smell inviting, or a apple pie scented candle, or something. I don't know if such things are pro or con to buyers---maybe they'll just think you are trying to cover up pet smell or something.

I hope you feel like a million dollars tomorrow and have a great day (and I'm hoping the same for myself!).

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said... [Reply to comment]

Wishing you the best, Miriam! :) Don't forget to give yourself some rest...