Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

I haven't heard that song in a while, and really, I don't mind. But today sure feels crazy enough.

Late Saturday afternoon Daniel and I decided it was time to put our "For Sale By Owner" sign out in our yard. Saturday evening I drove 2 hours to spend the night with one of my sisters. Sunday morning we left at quarter to 9 and rode 4 hours to PA. It was me, 4 of my sisters, and my super-cute niece, to attend our cousin's bridal shower. And then rode back to VA to my sister's house and I drove 2 hours back home. It was a great time. We discussed everything from cloth diapers to gastric bypass surgery.

On the way home I called Daniel just to chat and say "Hi, I love you" and he said that someone had already called about the house! Cool! The guy was going to do a drive-by with his wife and see if they wanted to look at it for their son. Yay, that's fine.

Wait - I forgot to mention. I didn't sleep well Saturday night. I wasn't dead sleepy Sunday, but I wasn't bouncing off the walls full of energy. Before I left Rachel's house to come home, I made some coffee to help me stay awake on the drive (it was dark, raining, it can be a boring drive when you're going 2 hours all by yourself with nothing but your dashboard to entertain you). When I got home last night I was pooped. I was ready to crawl in bed and sleep. But I I was so tired my head felt like it was full of cotton. My eyes ached. But my brain felt like a 4-way intersection at rush hour - on fast forward. The last time I looked at the clock it said 3:24 (AM). I don't know when I went to sleep, but I was rudely awakened by Daniel's alarm clock, which is set to Radio. And of course they were, once again, playing annoying 90's music. Some mornings I want to shoot that thing. And he never just turns it OFF. No matter how much I beg and plead, he always just hits the snooze button. So about the time I'm almost back to sleep, "BLARING 90'S MUSIC!". But this morning it was fine because I had to go to MOPS this morning. I tell ya, I felt like I had cottonballs instead of eyeballs. And a trunkload of grocery bags under each eye.

I got home from MOPS and Daniel had to go to work. I ate lunch and crashed on the couch. 30 minutes later "ring!". Daniel called to tell me that another person called about the house, and she wants to come look at it. To-mor-row evening.

So, um, yeah. All future hopes of a nap today are shot. Big time. I have the spare bedroom full of "stuff" to make into a "peaceful haven". By TO.MOR.ROW. I took "before" pictures today to show you. But I'm not posting it yet, I'll do it later after the thing looks better. I have made some serious headway, but there's alot more to do yet. Thankfully we are borrowing a trailer from my parents (it's similar to a small U-haul) so we're going to be able to store our "it doesn't fit in this house" furniture in there along with all the other stuff that just makes the place look full, instead of huge and inviting :)

And that's my day so far! I do not have a menu plan for this week. I have tonight's supper figured out. Hotdogs. And leftover beans. I will get back to you later on the rest of the week's meals.

My plan is to have the room all cleaned out by the end of the day so that tomorrow I can just clean the house. It's not bad, it just needs a good cleaning before "real" prospective buyers come to look.

Do FSBO signs normally get this quick of a response? I figured it would take a week or two. But I am thankful. Now I'm just hoping that they'll really want to buy it, and not just look for the fun of it.


Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

I took a nap for you today : ) and you can take a nap for me on Wed. Deal!?

The trailer sounds very handy and you can concentrate on the main furniture and other stuff. I went through this when I was trying to sell my home. I remember doing lots of cleaning and making the house look so clean that no one lived there. It was worth it though--good luck!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my! I couldn't go to sleep right away last night either--brain thing, just like you. Anyway, I did get a nap today, and I am not putting my house on show for sale, so I count you far worse off than me in that department. I hope the selling goes well. I hope we get down to see it before it sells though!
We had ham 'n' green beans from the freezer for supper tonight. I need to make up my menus for this week too.

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck selling the house! That's awesome that you've already had calls when the signs only been up a few days!

Jenn said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck with the house! We are trying to sell ours right now too and I am a bit surprised at the amount of traffic we have had through. It does seem, that in my area, we have a lot of people just out there looking.

I keep hoping soon ... soon it will be sold!