Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Those In The Heat Wave:

Be considerate of your appliance service company. Please pause for a moment, look at the clock, and think "ok, what would normal people be doing at this hour and would I want to be disturbed right now if I was/am a normal person?" before you call. If the answer is going to bed or no, then PLEASE DO NOT CALL. I don't give one rip if you're gonna be up all night watching your T-Vo, drinking, partying, or you just don't feel like being 1° less than perfectly comfortable because one of your multiple AC units decided to go on the blink. And it probably wasn't working 10 hours ago but you waited until 10:50 AT NIGHT to call your service company.

If you wouldn't want to go work on it because of the time, then why should my husband want to go work on it? He doesn't get paid extra special money to go work on your stuff in the middle of the night when he would much rather be sleeping so that he can be awake for the day tomorrow.

Here are some handy-dandy tips to help you survive (yes it is possible) until TOMORROW in the DAYTIME when he will be awake ANYWAY and won't mind one bit coming to help you be more comfortable:

~ Open the windows.
~ Sleep in less clothes.
~ Take the winter quilts off the bed.
~ Those oblong thingies around your ceiling light? They are called FANS (no, they don't clap and cheer, but they are fans nonetheless). TURN THEM ON. Moving air feels much cooler than still air.
~ You.will.not.die. I promise. No, I won't promise because I don't know God's plans for you. But I can promise that you won't die from the house being a little uncomfortable for 1 night .
~ If your house has multiple units, you should feel even more ashamed to call the service dude in the middle of the night.
~ The the unit not working is the one for the garage? Your cars sit in heat all the time, they'll be fine. The tires won't melt and it won't ruin your wax job.
~ Oh, it's the one for the guest room and your Aunt Mabel is visiting? Put her in another room, pull out the sleeper sofa, something. (Shucks, get her a hotel room for the night, $80 at the Sleep Inn is cheaper than after hour rates!)
~ Will your little poochy-poo who has diabetes kill over if you don't have AC? Stick 'im in the frige and feed him cool water.
~ Need to spend some money so you'll just spend it on having the service guy come out whenever you feel like it? Take the $ you'd spend on the service guy coming out after hours and go treat yourself to a nice surprise getaway night at the hotel. You won't even have to cook breakfast or clean up.

All of these are brought to you by the very ticked off wife of a HVAC service technician who is out working on some body's AC unit. It is 12:10 AM and I'm sure he would MUCH RATHER be sleeping beside me in our AC-IS-NOT-ON-because-we-have-the-windows-open house instead of having to lose sleep tonight working on some body's AC. I do not expect him home before 1am.

For now, I'm gonna go sleep some for him, too.


mint said... [Reply to comment]
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Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Well, we have a working AC, and it is running these days. I'll try to be considerate if we need help in the night and run through a checklist first before calling a serviceman!

Keith and Abbi McDaniel's Family said... [Reply to comment]

Ugh! Very sorry about that. And I'll keep those pointers in mind. Thanks!