Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As Sally said, I was getting to the point of head-banging the walls in the shower from all the withdrawal symptoms.

Monday night Daniel made a list of all the CD's that I needed to dig up, find, unearth, make magically appear, etc. in order for him to start "fixing" the computer. I took a chunk of time yesterday and went through the WHOLE desk, threw out a ton of "stuff" and found all the CD's he needed!! ***whew!!*** He kept asking me "do we have this??" and I honestly didn't know if we still had it or where it was, so I'm really glad I was able to find everything.

He got off work earlier than usual yesterday, and spent awhile getting the computer ready to format the virused drive. He asked me multiple times "are you SURE you have moved everything from such-and-such to so-and-so??". Then he said "Ok, this is it..." About 5 minutes later I heard him start moaning and groaning and making drastic noises back in here. I left supper in the kitchen and came in to find him exasperated. In order for the computer to "boot" right, he'd had to unplug some stuff in the "guts" of the "brain box" (yeah, I'm up on my computer lingo allright...). Somehow in all his thinking and planning and figuring out how to do the right thing, he hooked it up backwards from what he wanted to. That means he formatted the wrong "drive". The one that I'd moved stuff TO to save it.

Now we have our fingers crossed that since we only copied stuff from drive A to drive B that the original "stuff" is still on drive A (the sick drive). We know that some pictures are totally gone, as Daniel says "Abby (from NCIS) would be able to find them, but I don't know how to", which I'm sad about, but I don't really remember what all they are, plus anything that we DID lose is only EARTHLY THINGS. While I was bummed, just like Daniel is/was, it can't be undone so no use crying over spilled milk!

There is still alot of work that needs done... like moving all that stuff - again - to the newly formatted drive, and then formatting the sick drive to get rid of all the viruses and threats and trojans and bugs and other wicked stuff that was really attacking our computer.

Daniel has been a trooper through this. I'm glad he was a Computer Science Major in college :) I have my own personal Geek-Squad ;) And he rescued me from lack-of-internet-itis!! That makes him my HERO!!!

PS - I am taking the card from the camera TODAY and will print off all the pictures that are on it. Lesson learned. Don't put off till tomorrow what could be lost out the "black hole" any minute.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my! Andrew was afraid that is what happened when I told him what Daniel said was the problem last evening (or whenever I talked to him). I'm so sorry! If you keep photos on Flickr, or something like that, then if you computer self-destructs, they are still hanging out in the ether, safe from the 'puter problems.

Well, it is so good to have you back in the running. Hope things keep improving! (Buy a helmet before you get the to the head-banging stage next time!)