Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures... coming soon!

Yay! Tomorrow will be the start to the first NORMAL week I've experienced since about.... Thanksgiving. I totally cannot wait.

I even have some stuff written on my planner for tomorrow! All these past weeks it's just kinda been fly by the seat of my pants and any lists were scribbled on snits of paper flying around the house.

I was rather exausted yesterday and today, and lazed around pretty much any spare time. I didn't even get dressed yesterday, just lazed around in my bathrobe and slippers... until about 9pm when I was getting antsy and irritated and cranky and Daniel said "hey, let's go for a walk, I think it will do you good", and it was exactly what I needed. But, ha ha, I dug some dirty clothes up off the bedroom floor, threw them on and went walking in them :P Hey, it was dark out, nobody could see... except the 25 cars that decided to drive by on our normally very quiet road. The exercise and fresh air seemed to clean my brain and I was able to figure out what I was thinking (you women know how it is... something's on your mind but you can't figure out what) and talk and process through it.

Super-duper Kudos to Rachel & Julia who saw to it that I had supper delivered Friday evening. Hmm, I just realized that probably about 90% of you are in the dark over all this... I promise to begin the tale of the past couple weeks tomorrow. I promise - cross my heart and hope to die in stew and fry... almost. The other 10% would be my siblings who know exactly what's been going on!! Anyways, Jul called me Friday afternoon to say that they had arranged for supper to be delivered so I wouldn't have to think about cooking. That was great 'cause I had no idea what to make and had nary a desire-to-cook bone in my body! Turns out that they had called Daniel and asked him to pick up Chinese on his way home from work. Thanks guys, it was great and very nice. Aren't siblings great?!

And now, I must get offa here and get to bed. It's almost mid-night, and I'm determined to start this week off properly and on the right foot tomorrow :) See ya in the mornin'!


Phoebe said... [Reply to comment]

Life back to normal this week!

I've given you an award!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! That was really nice of them. I'm glad they did that.