Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bloggy Awards

I am a terrible blog award receiver. I know somebody gave me one a loooong time ago, but I don't remember who or where it was! Sorry! I really do appreciate them and get so tickled pink when you give them to me... really, I am. Somehow "stuff" (life??) just kinda takes over and before I know it a day, or week, or month(S) has passed and my mental note of "Remember to post and pass along that award" gets shoved under the other mental piles and forgotten about.
"Way back when", I think shortly before Christmas and also right before our computer went into purgatory hovering between life and death, Phoebe gave me these two awards:
The Lemonade Award is to go to 10 bloggers
who show attitude and gratitude.

The Kreativ Blogger award tells me to
list 6 things I'm grateful for and to
pass it along to 6 more bloggers.

Thank you, Phoebe!

Hmm, 6 things I'm grateful for...
1) The promise of Eternal Life and knowing that it's mine!
2) Having the most wonderful husband in the world and sharing, realizing and dreaming our dreams together.
3) A roof over my head and a working heat-pump. Hmm, I just noticed an ant crawling up the wall, I wonder what in the world he's doing out and about in this weather? Bye-bye, ant.
4) That I can stay home and fulfill my dream of being a housewife :)
5) That He does supply all our needs.
6) A WORKING COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, for passing it along, I am going to let it be a free-for-all. I know, that isn't the way it's supposed to go, but you're ALL deserving of this award! So come get it, and post it on your blog! Really, I would just go through my list and put you all on it. I love my bloggy friends!