Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekly Menu Plan

It is another cloudy, foggy, icy day here in central Va. It's above freezing outside, I know, because the ice is melting just a little, but there's still plenty of it! We didn't get alot, but enough to cover everything. It's really pretty :)

I was going to do my regular Wednesday grocery shopping trip today, but I got to talking to my MIL yesterday about coupons and the sales that Kroger has going on right now, and she got very excited! At first I was just going to get her groceries (using coupons) while I was out, but then we decided to go shopping together tomorrow, Thursday, when it suited her to go along. So I won't be posting a shopping report today, but I should be tomorrow! It will be fun to "show her the ropes" about how I coupon. She used to use coupons "way back when the kids were little and money was tight", but she's excited about getting stuff for little to nothing!

However, I will go ahead and share my menu plan for the next week, today - next Tuesday. I don't know exactly what days we'll have what, though.

Tonight - Leftover Salisbury Steak and Green Beans
Tomorrow - Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
-Nacho Salad with ground beef, homemade refried beans, Rotel, Sour Cream, Cheese, Corn Chips
-Leftover Chicken (from roast chic.)/Veg. Steamers Casserole, making it up as I go
-Pork Roast
-Breakfast for Supper (probably pancakes or waffles, fruit, sausage)

Yesterday I declared it a "homemaker's snow day". It was just the perfect "snuggle up and do nothing" kind of day, with it snowing and sleeting in the morning. I did the bare bones of housework and lazed around blogging, taking a nap, etc. I felt very blah and unproductive at the end of the day! I did a load of laundry, but never put it in the dryer. The dryer still had clothes in it from Mon (when time just ran out and I never got them folded). I loaded the dishwasher and washed up the rest of the dishes, but then made a mess making supper and didn't clean it up. Yeah. So this morning when Daniel was getting ready to leave, I told him that the house WILL be cleaner when he comes home today :) I just finished filling up the dishwasher and started it, I folded the dry clothes and put the load of wet into the dryer and started it, and I started to clean up the mess in the kitchen. I guess I'd best get back out there and finish it :) I might even make a chocolate cake and use up the chocolate frosting in the frige. I've been having terrible chocolate/good quality dessert cravings the past few days, and there just ain't nothin' in the house!! Thankfully the cake recipe I have doesn't take any eggs. I had to ration the eggs to last through this week's shopping trip, and then when it got pushed back a day, I had to make sure and REALLY not use any extra eggs! We have one egg in the house, and it will be for Daniel's breakfast tomorrow :)

Y'all have a luffly day!!


Carol said... [Reply to comment]


Your menu sounds very good. Enjoy your shopping trip. I hope you find some great deals.

BTW, I gave you an award. You can go to mine to read about it.



Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Homemakers snow day! I need one of those! Ha! Well, in about 20 years, I reckon. Maybe sooner if I get Paul and Hannah trained to take over the housework and to look after themselves. I'm glad you had one, and I hope you have a blast on your shopping trip tomorrow!