Friday, January 16, 2009

Grabbin' Life By The Horns

Update: I have finished everything except mixing up the frosting, but I'm going to be working on that as soon as I finish this update. We were supposed to go have dinner with a couple from church tonight, but with this COLD snap, Daniel ended up not getting home until almost 8 o'clock, so we moved the date. Since we were planning to eat with them, I hadn't prepared anything for supper. We went up the road to a (new to us) Chinese Restaurant. It was very nice, very good food, and a little pricier than I was expecting! However, the plates were HUGE, so I brought about 1/2 of mine home to have later.

I'm very pleased with what all I got done today, it has made a huge difference in the overall appearance of the house, and the laundry mountain has gone down some :) I think I'm ready to start next week off on the right foot now :) Thanks to all of you who cheered me on today!!! You rock!

After feeling all day yesterday like I just wanted to sit down and bawl my eyes out, but not knowing why, it finally happened last night. After serious meltdown and a spaghetti-noodle-style conversation with - or more like at, since he mostly listened - Daniel trying to figure "it" (do we women ever really know what "it" is????) out and bawling my eyes out most of the time, he suggested that I really need to get back to doing my daily routines.

So here's today's list. It's not my normal Friday list, but it's what I've come up with that will give me some organization to what I do today and will let me get what I need to get done, done.

Done - Shower and get dressed.
Done - Fold clean laundry in dryer and put away.
Done - Put wet laundry from washer into dryer, start a load of "Sunday" clothes.
Done - Eat Breakfast.
Done - Put away clean dishes, load and start dishwasher.
Done - Wash remaining big dishes and wipe off counters.
Done - Mix up bread, wash mixing bowl.
Done - Fold dry laundry and put away, switch laundry from washer to dryer.
Done - Start 2nd load of "Sunday" clothes.
I just checked off a few more things, and realized that I'm at the 1/2-way mark!!
Done, and took a quick lunch bread - Mix up and bake cake A, wash mixing bowl.
Done - Pick up Living Room & Dining Room.
-- This means that I just now got around to putting away the box of gift-wrapping stuff from Christmas! No wonder I was depressed.
Done - Take out all trash.
Done - Mix up and bake cake B, wash mixing bowl.
Done - Vacuum all floors.
Done - Hang up Sunday load #1, put load #2 in dryer.
Done - Scrub toilet and bathroom sink.
Done - it's in the oven now - Bake bread.
Done - Hang up Sunday load #2.
Mix up frosting.

Just keepin' it real. This is how I fly. I will check back later to update my progress.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

That's a great idea. No, I've never figured out what "it" is. Ever. But "it" really bugs me sometimes!!

Big hugs for a better, brighter mood!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love reading your blogs! I work in an office and love to read what you're doing at home (cause I'm always wishing I was home)! Keep your chin up! I think that staying busy is the key. When I'm at home, if I ever sit down - I'm a done deal! I also think that morning shower brightens up everyone to get a good start! Probably winter is getting to us all. If you can get a walk or some exercise in, that always gets my blood pumping and brightens my mood! Take care..
JC in Missouri

Aliisa and Sundy said... [Reply to comment]

From Aliisa:

I usually have those "it" moments about this time of the year. The holidays are done and Im still working on getting my house back in order. I feel overwhelmed with day to day stuff and all the extras that pile on top of it. Not to mention being cooped up in the house. And of course already making plans for the garden etc...but not being able to do anything about it. *sighs* Life in general can just be overwhelming. How do I deal with it? I do what you have done, I make a list...several actually. One big one of all the "extras" and then a daily list that include a couple of those extras on it. I also carve out "me time". This is 10 minutes in the morning before my daughter gets up...I read my bible. I take a nice, long, warm bath every night and just soak away the stress of the day and read a chapter in a book. And if Im lucky, maybe 1/2 an hour during the day to work on a project.

Hope this helps!!

julia said... [Reply to comment]

Hey I know these kinds of days. Although it seems as though I don't have much time for wolf in the tail. Eat a big piece of good quality choc. and drink a hot cup of cocoa. Brush your hair and your teeth, wash your behind and put on a prettypair of undies and you'll feel alot better!!!!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like I am checking your blog after the fact. I think Daniel had good advice. We have stuck to our routine around here, and it does help. Lists are even better. Our routine is simple enough just doing the "have-to's" mostly, that I don't have things written down at this point. But, one day, Lord willing, it will expand to more than "have to's" and I'll be writing lists.

Good going! Enjoy your accomplishments!

Maria D. said... [Reply to comment]

Way to go! That was a lot of housework! I have found that for me, a lot of that "it" somehow magically disappears when the house is a little organized. Thanks for the inspiration; I will probably be attacking the house tomorrow myself!

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

Way to stick to it and get it done! I feel like I'm more efficient when I'm "under the gun" for some reason. I tell my husband I must have ADHD because completing a task is a major victory for me sometimes.

Getting fresh air sounds like it did the trick too. This time of year will get to anyone.

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Meghan - I totally can accomplish alot more, and alot more efficiently, when I'm in my "work mode" as Daniel calls it. I think it's one thing that got ingrained in me from growing up on the farm. Sometimes you just gotta do whatever it is that you gotta do, and just do it and get it done no matter what, and do it quickly. But I hate being in "work mode". My brain is always fried afterwards!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You hate being in "work mode"? I hate being out of it! My house deteriorates so quickly if I get out of work mode for a day. Anyway, glad to see that word, and glad you don't have to be in work mode every day.