Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Snowing!!

It was sleeting at 7:30 when Daniel left, and just a few minutes later it turned into snow! Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes :) However, now about 45 minutes later, it's into little tiny flakes. Meaning it's probably going to turn into a gross snrizzle after a bit. You know a "snow-drizzle". I made that up. Then it'll probably turn into rain just like Mr. Weatherman said it would. Why did he have to put the "not get lasting snow" line right over us? I mean, he could've moved it down a few inches on the green screen and then we could've had the 1"-3" of snow like to the north and west of us are supposed to be getting. *tsk, tsk*

Last night I hashed and hashed over the grocery list for this week. I tried to get Daniel's help, but he wasn't too interested... he looked at it and listened, but asking him for his input on "should I buy X or Y?" is like asking him "does this shirt go with this skirt?" It just ain't gonna get much of a response.

I think part of my problem with the list this week is that last week CVS had Pepsi products on sale, 4/$12, buy $20 worth of certain goods (Pepsi & Dr. Pepper included) and you got $10 in ECB's. I had $10 in ECB's that I was waiting for a good ECB-sale to use them on, and at the last minute decided to go ahead and do it. So I got 7 cases of Pepsi/Dr. P for a little over $10, AND another $10 ECB!! Usually you'd pay at least $10 for 3 cases. That means we're set for Pepsi/Dr. P for several weeks, but it also means that there's only about $13 left to get the rest of what I need!

I think I'll be able to do it, but it did really really make me wonder if I'm crazy to try and feed us on $25 a week. That comes out to $1.19/meal. For both of us. Granted, Daniel's breakfasts and lunches are alot less than that. I usually have leftovers for lunch. I dunno. It's kinda frustrating, then I have to remind myself that I'm doing it to myself! I could easily decide to up the grocery budget to $30 a week. I thought about it last night, and some this morning. I probably thought about it while I was sleeping but just don't remember it :P It seemed so possible last summer to do it, but I'm sure all the fresh veggies from the garden really helped that out.

I think I will tough it out this week yet, and see what next week looks like. I reminded myself this morning that I'm not going to be spending "half" of my budget on Pepsi/Dr. P each week, that I'm not going to have to shop for the rest of the stuff with only $13 each week. And Velveeta Cheese will go on sale again, and my coupon doesn't expire until April 30th, for goodness sakes! You'd think it was going to expire tomorrow the way I was trying to figure out how to get everything I needed to get AND still get the Velveeta. It just ain't happ'nin'. And who am I fooling, even if I do buy the Velveeta, it's not like we have macaroni to eat it on! There's about 1 cup of macaroni in the bin, and more is on my "restock" list and I haven't been able to get it yet. That darn Mix'n'Match sale!

The GOOD part about this week? They (being Kroger) have 18ct. eggs on sale for $1.67!! That's amazing! I'm def. buying 2 packs. Now I just need a really good sale on butter. You'd think the stuff was 100 proof liquid gold as high as it is these days.

Ok, I will stop now. Just like the snow did. Come back tomorrow to see how I did! (And I hope to post a recipe today, too.)


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm glad you got a little bit of snow, even if it didn't last very long. The wind hasn't blown out here yet, so our snow is still looking so clean, pristine and pretty! I want to take a picture of it!

Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said... [Reply to comment]

Reading about your grocery dilemma was almost like reading about my own grocery life!! Crazy. I, too, have been rethinking the whole $25-a-week budget, but I'll be sticking it out a little longer, as well. If I have any good budget-stretching ideas, I will be sure to pass them on!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Here's a thought to make your budget go further--drop in on local wedding receptions, reunions, company picnics, etc. around meal times, and just schmooze your way through. Well, no, I wouldn't do that, but neither do I eat for $25/week. Just a thought!