Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip - for LAST week, 1/7/09

Since our computer was down last week, here is the grocery trip I made. Sorry for no picture... The drive that the pictures are on is unplugged right now and I don't want to mess anything up!!

I was able to get everything from Kroger:

10 lbs. potatoes - $2.99
Wild Vines Strawberry Zinfandel Wine - $4.19
3 Apples - $1.77
3 lbs. onions - $2.59
Cottonelle - $.99
*used $.50 coupon, doubled to $.99 = FREE
(2) Softsoaps - $1.00/ea.
*used (2) $.35 coupons, doubled to $.70/ea, = $.30/ea.
"American" Cheese - $1.39
Bananas - $1.01
8 oz. block Cheese - $2.19
1lb. dried Apricots - $4.69
1 1/2 doz. eggs - $2.67
Total OOP: $24.86
Under $25/week budget by $.14 :)
Total Coupon and Kroger Plus Card savings: $11.05 / 31%

I was really afraid the wine was going to put me over... but it had been SOOOO long since we'd had any, and WalMart stopped carrying it, so I was almost jumping up and down excited to find it at Kroger! I was tickled pink to figure out that it could fit in our budget. This is the only wine we like to drink - it is basically Kool-Aid compared to other stuff. And, side-note here, we don't drink alot. Like maybe 2 glasses a month at the most "not alot". And I don't remember the last time we had some... I think it might have been September?

Anyways, now I must go get dressed and get my gear together to go do this weeks shopping trip. Hopefully I'll have a picture for that one :)