Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas - #2

Christmas morning we slept in and then when we did get up, we made this breakfast:
I knew I wanted to do bacon, eggs, toast and _____. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do sausage or what. I asked Daniel, and he said "how about fried taters?" I remembered that I had one potato left, and it was a kinda big one and made enough for a decent serving for both of us!! We found a good way to "fry" potatoes.... Dice it up, then put it in a microwaveable dish covered in water and microwave a couple minutes until they are starting to get soft. Then fry them in plenty of bacon grease or butter. That really helped them to cook faster once in the frying pan, and they crisped up really well, too, since we weren't charring the outside trying to get the inside done! Breakfast was REALLY good and we watched a John Wayne movie on TV while we ate it and lazed around for the morning.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about our gifts!! Remember when I told you that Daniel had me go to Kohl's and buy my gifts with the "mysterious" Kohl's Cash? Yeah :)

I gave Daniel a pair of black dress pants (he only had one pair, so a second pair was going to be really nice!!), a light blue shirt with some plaid (very thin) stripes in a couple different colors (ok, the description sounds weird, but it really does look nice!), a purple shirt and a tie to match (for the RARE occasions that he wears a tie, I thought it'd be cool to have one to match his purple shirt), and 2 DVD's: Bourne Ultimatum and Shooter. I'd seen the previews for Shooter on TV and thought it looked like a good guy/action movie and one that Daniel would like. It is. It is rated R for graphic violence, but it's not near as graphic as some movies I've seen that I wouldn't consider "action" movies!

And Daniel gave me a brown skirt (I picked it out), a pair of brown shoes (I picked them out, too), and a BEEE-UUUU-TEEEE-FULLL dark chocolate brown coat! HE found and picked out the coat!! It is faux suede with faux "fur" lining and trim, has a hood and a really pretty brown embroidery design on the front. It is SO warm, not to mention pretty! I love to wear it and he lets me know he likes to see me wearing it ;) After I "opened" my gifts he commented "I think I see a theme going on here... alot of brown...". I guess I've just had the "usual" (1) black skirt and (1 pair) black shoes for so long I was starved for something OTHER than black!

And where did the Kohl's Cash come from?? I kinda had an idea, but didn't want to think about it too hard in case I was wrong, plus he kept telling me that I could ask all my questions on Jan. 2 (after Jan. 1)... so you'll have to come back later when I get that far :)

Friday I spent the whole day finishing some cleaning and wrapping gifts and putting final touches on the plans for the week of New Years. Friday evening we had dinner with Daniel's family, and then spent the whole day with them Saturday.

Sam with his monkey pillowcase.
Not a good shot, but he was moving around
quite a bit :)
Steven with his...

Emily (who I made the tote bag for) and "Papa"
(Daniel's dad) feeding her new Raggedy Andy
doll with her new baby bottles.
Sunday morning we got up extra bright & early and went to church with Daniel's parents and siblings. Their church had asked us (all) to sing for special music that Sunday morning, thus all of us being there early and staying for both services :) It made for a long morning, but that was ok. Afterwards Jeremy & Lynn's went home and the rest of us went to Daniel's parents for lunch. Then it was NAPTIME for everyone... Almost. I had a big list of things I had to gather, pack, load up, etc. so I could leave bright and early Monday morning for "The Sanitation Project..."


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Miriam you did have a packed Christmas. The kids are cute. Daniel holding that new little baby didn't get him thinking did it? He or You may want one soon.....huh? I love the smell of new babies after they've gotten their bath and have lotion rubbed on them. So sweet!!

Big hugs, can't wait to hear about the Sanitation Project!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

What great pictures! I'm sure all the nieces and nephews are just going to love their presents from Aunt Mini.