Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekly Grocery Trip 2/9/10

This week I kinda went all over to get the groceries. When you're stretching the dollar as far as you possibly can, you have to go where the goods are the cheapest :)

From Food Lion, Kroger and WalMart:
(2) Whipped Topping - $2.83 (for both)
1/2 gal. Milk - $1.59
1 gal. Orange Juice - $2.99
Romain Lettuce - $1.00 (markdown)
Vanilla Flavoring - $.98
(2) Instant Lemon Pudding - $.82 ea.
Cocoa - $2.84
Lettuce - $1.55
Peppercorns - $3.32
Bread Flour - $2.14
3.5lbs. 93% Lean Ground Beef - $9.80
2.12lbs. Ripe Bananas - $.82 ($.39/lb markdown)
2lb. Chuck Roast - $5.23 ($2.49/lb)
Apple - $.75
Lemon - $.48
18ct. Eggs - $2.49

Shelf Price - $48.16
Total OOP - $41.11
Saved - $7.05

This week I had $40 (plus $1+ left from last week) to spend instead of the usual $30, since we've upped the Feb. budget a bit to be able to make and freeze some things ahead of time for the month of March when I won't be up to cooking and baking very much.

I also got stuff today to make dessert (pies) for our small group meeting on Friday. I'm planning to try a new recipe for a lemon pie - it looks fabulous in the picture, I'm hoping it tastes as good as it looks :)


Candi said... [Reply to comment]

I love it when our Food Lion reduces the prices of the bananas. I didn't realize they did that until a few weeks ago. And I hope you're going to share the dessert pie recipe, pretty please :)

Judi B said... [Reply to comment]

Not sure if you're ever into whole wheat flour, but thought that I would share I have been able to get King Arthur brand at Wal-Mart for 3.19 and Whole Foods has there brand on sale (at least I think it's a sale price) for 2.99. I found out that Whole Foods gives a 10% discount when you buy a case too--yes on top of the sale price. The only thing that I forgot to check was how many flour bags come to the case...oops.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That stuff looks delicious! I'm glad you got yourself a hunk of beef. I hope you get to enjoy it and it satisfies your meat craving. How are you going to fix it?

Ann said... [Reply to comment]

I got a 50 pound bag of bread flour at Costco for $14 (in October)that comes to $1.40 per 5 pounds. It was an adventure getting it into the shopping cart, and into the back of the car by myself (with 2 little ones in tow). I keep it in a big container on wheels that is actually designed to hold large bags of pet food. I have also discovered that when there aren't sales going on Costco is less expensive for eggs and butter. If you need to get in sometime just let me know we aren't far away. :)

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Candi - I don't see them marked down often at Kroger, but when I do... :D

Judi - I don't use lots of wheat flour, but thanks for the tip!

Sally - I haven't decided yet. Maybe just a nice mustard roast, with mashed potatoes and gravy :)

Ann - is that their everyday price? I must keep that in mind! That is a LOT cheaper than by the 5lb. bag!!

Cate said... [Reply to comment]

How do you do it?? We pay a premium for many of the products we buy (grassfed beef, organic produce), but even if we didn't, I don't think I could spend $30/week! You're amazing.