Sunday, February 21, 2010

38 Weeks

This was taken before our date on Friday night :)

Not much to say other than I'm ready to have this baby at any time :) I have really enjoyed most of the pregnancy, and I do enjoy feeling the baby moving around, but truth be told, the uncomfortableness is getting old :)

The "3rd Trimester Fatigue" set in a couple weeks ago, and I'm ready to be tired because of taking care of, holding, seeing, feeding, and clothing my baby instead of being tired from lugging around a big pregnant body :P Basically I want to SEE this little reason I'm so tired instead of just feeling it :)

As of this evening the nursery is painted (most of the way... enough that I can finish the touch-ups in my "spare time"), the furniture is arranged, and Daniel put the crib together. I need to wipe down the mattress and get it made up with the sheets and blankets that I washed yesterday :) There's a lot of stuff I ought to do before the baby comes, but if he or she would decide to come tonight, or tomorrow, I feel like things are quite ready enough that it would not be a big deal. We unpacked the car seat yesterday and I spent some time looking at it and playing with it. It's not installed, but I looked over the installation instructions and shared them with Daniel. It looks pretty cut and dried simple, I guess we'll see. You always hear horror stories about car seats being such a big hassle to install. In another couple days hopefully we'll be driving around our big white boat, sporting a car seat :)

I didn't sleep well last night at all, and this afternoon's nap was too short, so I need to scoot off here and go get the crib made and get myself into bed. There is a MOPS meeting tomorrow morning and I hope I feel rejuvenated enough to go :)


Angie said... [Reply to comment]

You look great! It is so hard to believe you are this close!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Have you all guess what the baby is yet? Thought of any names? I am guessing a boy?! I'm probably wrong! LOL With each child you feel/carry different. Or at least I did. I just noticed with our only girl I was HUGE!!!! My legs got huge, my rear!!!-just everything! Even though I seemed big with the boys I was definately way big with her!!

I wish you all well. Can't wait to hear that you are doing well and have delivered. The waiting and the last few weeks are the worst but it will be over and you'll think the time just flew by!

Big hugs

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, 38 weeks. Time sure flies when you get to watch someone else be pregnant : ) What color did you paint your nursery? Yep, you better get that carseat installed. Hope you have some time to relax in the last couple weeks (days)!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

It looks like George is going to be a giant!!! By the way, will I find out he's born on FB, similar to how I found out about the other two major events in the family? Or will I get a personal phone call from someone? Just wondering. :D

Cate said... [Reply to comment]

So excited for you!

Our carseat was a pain to install (took 1 1/2 hours!), but it turns out we were just incompetent and making it harder than it should have been. So hopefully you and Daniel are smarter than we are. :-)

Candi said... [Reply to comment]

So look so great! Hang in there. It really does get a little worse before it gets better. I was in labor with my son (2nd birth) for an entire week before the doctor decided I was dilated enough to keep me at the hospital (I'd went to the hospital with contractions every 2 minutes on a Friday night and the next Monday night) He finally came on Thursday. But the labor was quick, only 5 hours and I pushed 2 times. Out popped our 9 lb boy. What relief. You'll feel so much better when the baby comes and you can hold him/her. It makes the whole thing worth it :)

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said... [Reply to comment]

You look fantastic! I wanna see pictures of the nursery. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

You look so cute. One of our daughters is due in May. We both enjoy following you. Babies are a blessing. May God Bless you and your family.