Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

I have a mental list of things I want and need to do before our little bitty arrives (the time keeps getting closer and closer!!). I think hitting the 36 week mark and realizing that we only have "about" 4 weeks left was a big motivator to get some of those things taken care of :P I wasn't specifically dragging my feet or putting things off, I just hadn't "gotten around" to them yet. This week I've put non-essentials (everything but food and laundry) on hold and accomplished some of those things! And each time I get one of those things done, I feel more "ready" for the baby to be born.

Daniel has been working on the nursery painting project. His company took a snow day yesterday (first one that I know of) and he made good headway. We hope to have everything painted by the end of this week. I originally started out helping with the detail work, like cutting in and painting the trim, but one day of that and my body didn't like it one bit. So I'm letting him do all that and I'm working on the other stuff :)

I really really hope I have the nursing bra purchasing taken care of. It really stinks, ya know, because I FINALLY found a regular bra that I like, so whenever I'd need to purchase new ones I could just walk in and pull some off the rack. Now I have to go through it all over again, purely guessing at what size I'm gonna need, having no clue of what I "want" in a nursing bra, etc. I went to Target first (several friends recommended them) but just didn't like their options. That experience helped me know better what I want/don't want, so I guess it was a good thing... Anyway, I've recently read some blog reviews praising the Bravado Nursing Bras so I checked them out. I really like the way their bras "work" so I ordered a couple pair in a few different sizes. Whew-wee, was that a chunk-o-change, but if they are as good as the reviews say they are (good support, comfort, etc.), and if they fit, they should be worth every penny. Hopefully an investment that will last more than 1 kid, too.

Our Chicco Travel System arrived today!! Granted, it's still in the box, out in the snow, waiting for Daniel to get home and carry the monster, 50lb. package inside, but now we can legally and safely transport our little peanut around :P We took advantage of a 15% off sale, free shipping, plus gift cards and were able to get it for a lot less than full price. Different people offered us the use of theirs, and we considered those options, but I really felt like I would be more comfortable knowing my baby is in something with the latest and greatest as far as safety. (I didn't know until recently that car seats have expiration dates?) And we felt that by getting brand new, it should easily remain up-to-date as far as safety for multiple kids (assuming we'll have more than one).

Finding a pediatrician is another thing on my list. I asked around among our friends with wee bairns and have found one that I think we'll like. I still need to call their office and talk with them and do whatever you do to set up a Dr. for your unborn baby, but I'm relieved to know I at least have one picked out!!

Uncle Sam... ahh. Taxes. That is one thing that I for sure wanted to have completely done, finished and filed before the end of February. I have a strong haunch that if I wouldn't get them done, heh-heh, I would NOT feel like doing them with a newborn on my hands AND learning how to be a mama!! We finally got the last of the information last week and yesterday afternoon I finished getting everything together and organized. Now I just need to set up a time with my MIL to get together and do them (Daniel's parents "share" their Turbo-Tax with us).

I haven't done a lot more freezer cooking, I think I have 5 meals worth of stuff in the freezer? I'm not super worried about food for the month of March because my MOPS group will be supplying several meals, and our Sunday School class always covers about 2 weeks worth of meals. Between those two and the food I've cooked up ahead of time, I don't think we'll be hungry at all. I do need to focus on stocking the freezer with bread, breakfast things (At least for myself. I'm sure Daniel will continue with his daily egg sandwich breakfast), and snacky things like muffins, granola bars and cookies that Daniel can put in his lunch box. Yesterday I made a batch of pancakes and froze the leftovers, and today I made a batch of (24) banana nut muffins to freeze. I have a bag of cranberries in the freezer that I need to use, and I'm thinking cranberry muffins or bread. I plan to make another batch of regular bread tomorrow (I made 2 loaves yesterday) to start the bread stockpile.

We still have plenty to do before the baby comes. Like finishing the thank-you notes for the gifts we've received so far, sorting through and washing the baby clothes that my sisters are loaning us, packing my hospital bag, and of course I'd love to have the house completely spic and span :P For the most part I feel like if the baby would decide to make an early appearance, we would survive just fine. Ok, I would like to get the nursery painted and the crib set up first, but after that...


Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like you are nesting! I would make the nursery a priority because you are getting so close...really your little George could decide he's ready sooner rather than later. Then baby has his space all set. I'm gettin excited for you! You sound very prepared, but you are one of the most organized people I "know" : )

Ann said... [Reply to comment]

There is a place in Innsbrook - it is called A Woman's Place. It is affiliated with Bon Secours and it is run by nurses and lactation specialists. They have nursing bras (mainly Medela brand) and lots of nursing accessories like pumps, nursing tanks, and the extra accessories for your pump. They were really helpful and have a dressing room and someone who can help you with fit and the different options. You are right - a good nursing bra is a financial investment.

Maria D. said... [Reply to comment]

Hooray! I hope I'm half as organized at week 36 as you are! Do we get a see a baby bump picture anytime soon? :-)

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Ann, thanks for the tip. I will certainly check them out if the ones I ordered don't work out.

Maria - Hopefully a baby bump picture this weekend!! We tried last weekend but the camera batteries were dying and the pictures didn't turn out very well.

Cate said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck with the nursing bras! My breasts were really uncooperative when it came to nursing bras and kept changing sizes on me! I bought bra after bra after bra trying to keep up, and then just fell back on my old regular's annoying, but oh well.

It does sound like you're nesting! It's so nice to get everything done before the baby comes and be prepared...I thought I would have time to do things after I gave birth, but all I have to say to that is hahahaha.

Candi said... [Reply to comment]

Can you believe you are 36 weeks!?! (My first child came at 36 weeks, she weighed 7.1) Hopefully the baby will stay put and finish up inside. I had a hard time with nursing bras too. I ended up just using my regular bras and flopping out under the bra (maybe that's a little TMI but you get the idea). I'm so excited for you. I was so nervous when the first one came, just because I didn't know what to expect as far as the pain and everything. But it's truly amazing how your body takes over and you instinctively know what to do!

Oh and for the cranberries - I made this awesome Sweet Potato Cranberry bread last OAMC day. I just got some more last week and plan on doing Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins today! YUM!

And get some rest...I'm sure you hear that alot from all your friends and family, but it's the best thing.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Buying nursing bras before the baby's born? I didn't know it was possible. I bought mine after Paul was born and I could tell what size I needed. (Walking around without a bra for a few weeks was the least of my worries.)

And, you THINK you have about 4 weeks yet. Hahahahahaha! Oh well, we'll see! Maybe you have 6 weeks yet (and the laugh would be on me)---I hear that some babies do go past their due dates.

After I have time to read the rest of this post, maybe I'll have some other comments. I need to rush around and finish getting stuff ready for tonight, and hopefully lie down a little bit before we head out at 4:30. Have fun nesting!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Sally, Ok, so when I read about not buying them till afterwards my first thought was "ewwww!!!!" While everyone's body does differently, I basically followed the "general" guidelines for figuring out what size you will need, and hopefully it's close enough. Also, I have absolutely no interest in traipsing around hunting for some afterwards, and there's a women's seminar not too soon after the due date that I REALLY want (hope!) to go to and NO WAY will I attend bra-less!! LOL!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You're so funny, Miriam! I'm sure I would have been the same way, except I had no choice. Paul came before I was ready, and well, that was that. Also, I had a TERRIBLE time finding anything to fit. I combed online sites for hours before finding even one site that had the cup size I needed in a 34. It's terrible. I hope you fare much better. I only ever bought 3 because they cost so, so much. I might try to find a few more before Miranda arrives. I'm going to comb your Bravado site, but I have little faith in them carrying anything I can begin to wear.

Also, I'm curious about why you only make 2 loaves of bread at a time. I always make a big batch because it takes the same amount of time to knead a 9 or 10 loaf batch as a 2 loaf batch. But, maybe you like your bread really fresh and make it more often.